Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The resuscitation of a presidency

or, Turd Polishing

Well, this week Moron Monkey Boy Bush the Chimp has been turned in a world diplomat by the main stream media. All over the news it's "Bush Saving the Mideast." IF something actually does come of these talks, one has to ask, "how much did the corpo-fascists pay these participants to get together and sign something that looks like a peace agreement?" Such a document can do nothing but help their chances of emerging from the next election cycle as something less than completely defeated. In fact, if they pull this off and maybe a couple other good spin jobs, they could ride right back into the White House. Remember, we're not dealing with an intelligent electorate. We're looking at a population that is believing that the "surge," or escalation, has had positive long lasting results. . . yea, and back in high school when my girl friend's father was standing outside the car when we were parked in her driveway I didn't have my hand in her panties. As soon as he went back in the house, I was up to my knuckle.
So when you see those news pictures of a smiling MonkeyBoy in between the Palestinian and Israeli leaders acting like he's some sort of world diplomat, guzzle away. Pay no attention, just as the main stream media pays no attention to the huge sums of money that are being passed around and promises that are being made in the backrooms of these "talks." The so called "talks are nothing but a front for economic manipulations, power grabs and promises of every other kind of support including military. Also, ask yourself, "why now?"

It's enough to make me want to just throw in the towel, get a big bag of heroine, a gallon of whiskey and hold up with some crack whore and a box of razor blades.


Buzzardbilly said...

He could do nothing less. The impeachment movement is gaining momentum and ammunication (and now add his former press secretary coming forward with Bush's involvement in Plamegate), of course he's going down the well-worn path of trying to save the face of a presidency by solving the Mideast Crisis (or whatever they call it these days). Just like Carter after the hostages. Just like Clinton after the cigar.

Love the panty analogy. Priceless.

Buzzardbilly said...

WTF is "ammunication"? Sorry. I love with my own misspellings inadvertently make new words that I will never lose again. :)

TED VELVET said...

the media is so fucked up. no one but olbermann and jack Cafferty on CNN have the balls to just call a spade a spade and dismiss this fucking loser for the incompetant disaster that he's been. In an effort to remain "objective" and avoid the right's charge of the media being liberal, they suger coat this fucking clown as if he's doing something useful. they are not doing their jobs and you're right it's probably because corporate oqnership, ratings bottom line bullshit. corporations should not be allowed to own media outlets period.

Bruce, a work in progress said...

The exact thoughts I had when this whole thing took over the news. Any kid that opened a book of magic tricks when he was 12 knows what misdirection is.

How the hell have I missed your blog? I'll be back.

Colonel Colonel said...

It's all a dog-and-pony show. "See", he'll say, "I tried!". Bush couldn't possibly care less if there's peace in the Middle East or not, as long as his friends can keep pumping oil. This farce is turning into a endlessley-repeating Last Year Act of the Lame-Duck President- have a mid-east peace conference just before you leave office to show you tried.

Simply Curious said...

Nodding, grinning, and batting my eyelashes...I so don't get your blog, but I like you, so I keep coming back. You said I was allowed to just sit and look pretty, so that is what I shall do.