Sunday, November 25, 2007

Social agency vs. structure

My wife and daughter and I were out to lunch the other day with some young people ranging in age from 15 to 20 or so. The subject of teenage pregnancy came up and my daughter, who is 15 related the story of a girl she used to know but hadn't seen in a few years stopping her in the drug store to say "hi" and that she had a 2 year old kid. One of the little preppy white bread middle class cheerleader types was appalled that such a young girl could have a child. . . she obviously doesn't live in the neighborhood that my wife and daughter live in. . . but then added, "well, at least she had the baby."

Man, it was all I could do to not completely verbally attack and devastate that little superficial thinking, fundamentalist child of priviledge. My wife simply looked at her with disgust and said "did your mother tell you to say that?" We then continued with a civil conversation about options and people having choices.

Where do these fucking middle class white people who have never had to deal with such things get off making judgements like that about people who live entirely different lives from the sheltered existence that they live? Who the fuck does some little twinkie bitch from an all white neighborhood think she is thinking she knows what is best for some pregnant 15 year old black kid living in a run down urban environment, who, unless she gets an education and gets the hell out of there is doomed to live a relatively short and not very fullfilling life. Would an abortion have been a better option for that kid? I don't know, but I know one thing, nobody has the right to pressure her into deciding one way or another if they haven't walked a mile in her shoes. Kids like her need options. They need to have a clear picture of what it will be like with and without having to deal with a child at such a young age. They need people who understand and care about them giving them the total support they need when making decisisons like that, not some fundamentalist Christian spouting some slack jawed proletariat mind numbing religious catch phrase about the evils of abortion. They don't need to deal with some fucked up standard that has been applied to them by a group of rich old white men in legislatures who think they know what is best for everyone when they've never spent a day in their life hungry or fearing for the welfare of their family.

People who live with their noses up in the air and their ears closed have NOTHING to offer me except an example of how not to be and an explanation of why this country is so fucking twisted up and divided. Fuck them and fuck their fucked up insular standards. If the best you can do to help solve the social problems we face in this country is some dumb simplistic ideas based upon christian mythology, just shut the fuck up.


Dr. Robert J. Murk said...

You deleted your comment on my blog. Why? I loved it!

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Dr. Murk, the only comment I posted on your blog was on the post. . .
Friday, October 26, 2007
The First Murko Goes To...

It looks like it is still there. "AngryMan" hijacked my handle. . . you can tell the difference. . . and sometimes leaves posts that look like they are mine. Usually it is some juvenile homosexual related thing.

Buzzardbilly said...

You hit the nail on the head.

People who are against other people having choices usually have no clue what it's like to face a hard decision, yet they want to impose decisions on others whose lives they cannot imagine, cannot relate to, and—truth be told—cannot stand to think about.

My aunt's a preacher who has stood in the pulpit and rallied for the current Republican administration. (I feel like I need a shower after admitting that.) Now that she sees just how bad this administration has been I've got her convinced to join my "Save the Born" way of thinking.

Simply Curious said...

I waa very close to writing about this exact same subject the other day when my period was still 3 weeks late. Needless to say I didn't have to appall the world by having an abortion.

I think the only thing that bothers me is the fact that little girls can go into a clinic and have abortions under assumed names and not have to inform their parents. There;s no reason in the world a mother shouldn't know that her 12 year old is having an abortion. If something was to go wrong, then it scares the shit out of me to think that a mother would have to find out after-the-fact.

I'm a strong believer that women should have choices.

Colonel Colonel said...

It would have been interesting to know what Miss WhiteBred would have said if, after her comment "At least she had the baby!" someone had asked, "If she hadn't been able to keep it, would you have taken it?"

SagaciousHillbilly said...

More interesting Colonel is what would happen if Miss Whitebread became pregnant right when she was on her way to Brown or Duke or one of many other preppy schools that white kids around here strive for?
You know damn well what would happen. She'd be D&C'd without a thought to "keeping it" or "putting it up for adoption." Fucking hypocrits.

Blonde Goddess said...

I read some of your posts and I think I could gain a lot of wisdom by reading your blog. I need all the wisdom I can get...
It would seem that we agree on much of the same things as well...that's refreshing.

Glad you stopped by and introduced yourself. I'm going to add you to my daily reading...

Rebecca Burch said...

I think it's difficult for people who have never experienced this sort of hardship to put themselves in that position. And yet, everyone has to have a black and white understanding of the issue. I consider myself pro-life, even after being there, myself, and seeing some really young kids from the poorest, urban areas in the same situation -- I also understand that it's not up to me to judge people who make a decision I wouldn't make, and that maybe that's the best outcome in their situation. I really can't know without being them.

My point is, why the hell does everyone have to judge everyone else? Why does anybody feel the need to carry that burden? Who would want the job of judging who's right and who's wrong?

That kid will have a hard road ahead, if she already thinks she knows what it's like to be faced with that decision. Yikes.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Ms. Burch, I'm also prolife. In fact, I don't know anyone who is anti-life.

Blondie, Be careful what you read and believe. I'm actually quite insane.

SCGirl, I don't know the answer there. What about "little girls" who could not possibly begin to approach their parents about an abortion? I wonder how many suicides are prevented by liberal policies like that? Not everyone has rational and supportive parents.

BuzzBil, A preacher who stands at the pulpit and rallys in favor of any political organization should lose the tax exempt status of their church. Unfortunately, the neo-cons have been ignoring that aspect of the Constitution of the United States.

shinymetalass said...

What's the deal? Why is everyone getting so uptight at the rich white girl? She isn't the one who pulled her trousers down at the age of 15. I think the question here shouldn't be about dealing with the consequences, but preventing the problems in the first place.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Well shinyass, that's a great idea. If you read my blog, I've been shouting out social justice throughout.
YES! Let's rebuild our society and solve the problems that put people into social conditions of hopelessness and environmental squalor. In the mean time, let's deal with teenage pregnancy within those conditions in a manner that makes sense.

White Racist Destroyer said...

Great article, Sagacious!!

Don't let those white children's comments get you down.
We whites possess an inherent desire for racism that no other race possesses. We whites must work harder than ever to overcome this.
Whites like you and I have been successful at learning to shed these beliefs, but for most whites it's something that they just can't do.

That's why I promote interracial marriage. I am married to a beautiful black woman and we have three children. Since my white genes have been diluted my children are highly unlikely to ever feel those inherent racist feelings.
I will encourage them to marry non-whites so that the dilution will be even greater.
This is the ONLY way to truly overcome racism. Black, Asian, non-white and bi-racial children are so much more beautiful both inside and outside.
You have a great blog here, Sir, and I enjoy it very much.