Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Yvette Hayes Incident

Yvette Hayes is an elementary school principle. She has two children and was 5 months pregnant with her third this summer when she was pulled over by the police in Independence MO. with her two children (Ages 4 and 18 months) in the car on a very busy I-70 at 10PM.
The police forced her out of her car at gun point and made her lie on her stomach despite the fact that she was pleading with them not to and clearly informing them that she was pregnant.

Here's how Ms. Hayes describes the incident:

On July 13, Hayes and her two daughters (4-year-old and an 18-month-old) were with her. They arrived at 9:56 p.m., and her sister already was inside. The store was closing, so Hayes stayed in the Jeep, listening to gospel music and checking e-mail. When her sister left, she followed. Hayes said she headed home on I-70. At 10:17, she said she saw a police car behind her, lights flashing. She said she immediately pulled over.

She said police put a spotlight on the Jeep and gave orders with a loudspeaker: 'Put your hands out so I can see them! Throw your keys out the window! Step out of the car with your hands behind your head! Walk backwards until I tell you to stop. Get on your knees! Lay on your stomach!'

Hayes said she complied.

'I did yell out I was pregnant,' said Hayes, who was six months pregnant at the time. 'I was horrified. It was very difficult. I was tossing and turning.'

She said she was on the interstate shoulder with cars zooming by. After two or three minutes, the officer told her to shift onto her back. She said she rolled over and saw officers aiming guns. They asked who was in the car.

'My kids!' she replied. Hayes said she was confused, and she feared for her life. She said an officer looked inside the Jeep and said she needed to calm the children. She said officers pulled her to her feet and told her she was stopped because the store said she was stealing cars.

One officer allegedly said, 'You must be a good car thief to be pregnant.' The sergeant came to the passenger door and apologized, saying, J.C. Penney needs to get 'their act together,' Hayes said. She said her 4-year-old daughter is traumatized, afraid of police and thinking they 'don't like her mommy.'

Why has this not made the national news? Why has a spotlight not been put on the police who perpetrated this incident? Why are decent American citizens not totally appalled and demanding that our police departments begin treating ALL our citizens with dignity and respect unless they have just cause for not doing so?

It's simply one thing after another. No wonder the rest of the world views the United States as a dichotomy of freedom and oppressive racism.

See the amazing police video here:

Thanks to Villager at for the heads up on this one.


AngryMan said...

We aren't demanding that police act with just cause because they aren't required to. They only need reasonable suspicion to pull someone over.
Do you see how your logic eats itself there?

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I see how you come here and make stupid remarks every time I make a post pretaining to racism in America. Do you see the view that one might get of you from those actions?

We're not talking about "just cause" here sonny. We're talking abut racial profiling and unreasonable acts by police. Had they pulled Ms. Hayes over and questioned her to see if she was in fact a car theif, no one would have batted an eye. Here you had two police cars and four policemen acting like gestapo thugs.

Try to follow along. Read slowly if you must.

AngryMan said...

Sagacious Hillbilly:
If you take the time to understand the legal standard that relates to the police, maybe you would understand that they don't have to do what you want them to do and that they'll continue to act like this because they are allowed to.
I know it's complicated, but the entire world doesn't do what you think. It's hard to understand, I know, but you should try to figure it out.
Oh, and I'm racist because I disagree with you? OK, I get it. Great argument, buddy!



SagaciousHillBilly is a bona fide ignoramus, just in case you haven't noticed.

He is one of those whites who is always grovelling before his self appointed black masters as if doing so will win him brownie points or something.

He hasn't learned yet that most blacks will hate him no matter what he does for them or how much he humiliates himself.

He resides in rural West Virginia, which is not the place where one will get a realistic view of what most blacks are like since blacks only make up 3.2% of WV's total population as per Google.

He needs to move to a MAJOR U.S. city and live in or near a black neighborhood, and then we'll see what he has to say in a few years.
Of course, both you, I and he know that he's NOT going to do that.

This video did not explain why the police pulled this woman over, but they obviously thought that she had done something very serious for them to do what is called a 'Felony Stop'.

They never touched her, or laid their hands on her in any way.
Whiny, pathetic parasites like Sagacioushillbilly are shit stirrers with nothing better to do but look for problems where there aren't any.

Such leftist trash like him are a cancer that must, and WILL be removed from our country when Civil War II is started in the future. And it will be started by the damage that treasonous leftists like him have done to our Constitution.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Well lookie here. We got us a regular William Pierce chiming in.

But really he's just another pitiful trembling fool afraid of the reality that smacks the face of all they were taught by their equally pitiful parents.
Throwbacks like him are like cowering dogs who are cornered, surrounded, scared to death, and all they've got left is a pitiful unsure growl.

Buddy of yours SissyBoy?
Oh, and please show me where I called you a racist. Your rant is a bit illogical since it does not address the issues I raised. You'll have to do better than that if you ever expect to get any level of responsibility in a law office when you become a certified paralegal.



You wrote:

"But really he's just another pitiful trembling fool afraid of the reality that smacks the face of all they were taught by their equally pitiful parents."

No, my parents, like you, were naive and child-like in their opinions on race until they moved from rural Pennsylvania (where they had lived all their lives and where I grew up) to Miami, Florida.
Then, after being mugged twice and having their Condominium burglarized once by a race of people (blacks) that had always seemed so nice on TV, they realized finally that I was correct about what I had told them.
I myself, having grown up in an all white rural area used to think that most blacks were good people. Then I joined the U.S. Army and found out that although SOME blacks are good people, MOST are NOT. Most are violent, hateful low IQ beasts.
You would learn the same thing if you had the courage to leave you West Virgina farm and move to a large urban city.
If you're smart you'll stay where you are. If you did leave rural WV for the big city I can guarantee that it's a move you'd regret for many reasons, with blacks certainly being one of them.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I've decided to leave "white nation's" comments here for all to see.
It's typical inbred cracker rant. He makes absurd gross assumptions about race and me as an individual.

See, the main difference between me and him is that I have become friends with many of the people he despises. I've learned that all human beings are the same in their humanity. We all want basically the same things. As a biologist, I know that race is nothing more than a social concept since all human beings are too similar to be taxonomcally classified as different races.
Surprise!, all you white supremists. . . . we are all pretty much exactly the same and only defined by our experience and personal strenghths or, in "white nation's" case, short comings.
Sadly, people with gross inferiority complexes and insecurities need someone to hate more than themselves.
Love to all, including you SillyCowardBoy.

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WriterChique said...

This incident is unfortunate. However, I do not think this is a situation of "racial profiling" from the cops but from a very nervous, and very wrong JC Penny employee.
We live in a country built on stereotypes. Every white man with a baldhead is a racist-skinhead bearing a lifetime membership to the KKK, and every young black man with braids or very dark skin is a drug-dealing, baby-making, unemployed blight on society.

All white women are evil and all black women are either too docile or too angry. Therefore, when incidents like this occur I do not blush anymore.

We are ALL immigrants to this land whether by choice or chance. History shows that NONE of us was here FIRST (we all migrated on boats or goats). Instead of making the best of it - we purposely find ways to screw it up. I am not saying we all need to hold hands and get along but do owe each other the respect of our humanity.

Not all cops are bad (the vast majority are just unfortunately jaded by fear). On the video, it sounded like they tried to rectify their mistake to the woman . . . I have to give them credit for that. They seemed even to try to calm the terrified children.

I am a black woman - I have experienced hate for no other reason than the anomaly of my birth (skin color) and to be honest I have expressed my fair share of it. I support the principles of the Constitution, I am God-fearing . . ., and for those reasons, I use the anger in my heart for necessary purposes: pedophiles, rapist, perverts; and racial, political and religious zealots.

I hope that JC Penny employee was reprimanded for being so careless. We have to pick our battles and this is one where we have to call it for what it is, an unfortunate mistake. Yes, they did endanger the life of a pregnant woman and her child . . . but once they figured things out – they attempted to correct it. This time . . . the police did not act out of character. Had they not tried to rectify their mistake, then there would be a cause for complaint. We all need to forgive them and let it go.

Julia said...

Writer Chique: