Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fat assed WV hillbillies make the national news again!!

Read it and be proud my people! You're in the national news again.
All ya gotta do is cruise a grocery store in any WV town to understand all of this. . . a bunch of grossly overweight ignorant buffoons loading up on hi-carb, low protein crap food. It really is sickening to see sometimes. And no, it's not like that every place, as these statistics show.
"a chronically diseased population." Nice.
Education is the key to all our problems. . . if they could only read the labels.
Have another Little Debbie cake, smoke another pack of cheap cigarettes, stick another chew in yer pie hole and pour another case of rock-gut beer down your throat.

Getting enough sleep? They aren't in West Virginia

By MIKE STOBBE, AP Medical Writer Mike Stobbe, Ap Medical Writer – 56 mins ago

ATLANTA – Sleepless in Seattle? Hardly. West Virginia is where people are really staying awake, according to the first government study to monitor state-by-state differences in sleeplessness.

West Virginians' lack of sleep was about double the national rate, perhaps a side effect of health problems such as obesity, experts said. . . .

But experts noted several possible explanations: West Virginia ranks at or near the bottom of the nation in several important measurements of health, including obesity, smoking, heart disease and the proportion of adults with disabilities. Studies have increasingly found sleeping problems in people with certain health problems, including obesity.

"You would expect to see poorer sleep within a chronically diseased population," noted Darrel Drobnich of the National Sleep Foundation, a nonprofit advocacy and research organization.


MacDaddy said...

Sagacious: I may be exaggerating here. But everytime I read ANYTHING about people from Virginia, especially West Virginia, it's negative. It's as if people are walking around looking for something negative. You can go almost any city, ghetto, or barrio in American and find over weight people chomping down on a big Mac, fries and eating potato chips on the way home. Why single out West Virginians? I don't get it.

Stimpson said...

I think one reason WV gets so much negative media attention is just that the dumb (as opposed to sagacious) hillbilly is such an easily used stereotype. Out of sheer laziness news media report the negative and ignore the positive. And I'm sure there are positives to the place that gave the world Jennifer Garner and Morgan Spurlock.

Switching gear a little, though, we are seeing the bad side to a sort of "fat pride" thing that I've noticed. You know -- I'm talking about the people who say they're fat and proud of it, and the thin should stop being so negative about the plus-sized who are *always* resplendently "big and beautiful". Well, no one should suffer crippling shame, of course, but everyone should acknowledge the negative consequences to being overweight or, especially, obese. Getting everyone to admit that obesity is always a bad thing would be a good start.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Consider this: When was the last time someone reported on something positive about New Jersey or Iowa?
WV is the poorest, the fatest, the most exploited, the least educated, highest unemployed, most corrupt gov't. etc., etc. It's naturally going to be a target.

Sadly, the people of WV don't seem to give a damn that they work for slave wages, don't reap the benefits of the vast local resources that are hauled out on rail and hiway and the officials they electturn a blind eye to it all. It's really pitiful how they promise change every two years and then deliver nothing, but keep getting elected. Meanwhile, WVians whine about how badly they're treated in the national press and claim the role of innocent victim.
Maybe if they'd get off their fat asses and demand change and do something to bring it about, things would change and people on the putside would regard us in a different light. But no, they flock to Massey Coal picnics and concerts featuring rednecked racist country acts and slap "Friends of Coal" and Massey stickers all over their cars and swear coal is keeping WV afloat when the only thing it's keeping in WV is their thumb down on the people who live and work in the hills.
Keep em stupid, uneducated and brainwashed and they'll go along with anything.
Welcome to WV.