Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize!!

According to Nobel officials [and MSNBC],"their stunning pick was meant to build momentum behind Obama's initiatives to reduce nuclear arms, ease tensions with the Muslim world and stress diplomacy and cooperation rather than unilateralism."

So that seems simple enough. The Nobel committee picked him becaquse of his actions in trying to bring diplomacy to the forfront of world affairs. I'm just a dumb farmer, but I can understand that and feel down right comfortable with it, but oh when the hounds of negativity are let lose to spread their discontent and parade of horribles upon the ignorant public, it come out like this:

According to news sources like AP and Time:

"The last thing Barack Obama needed at this moment in his presidency and our politics is a prize for a promise."

But news of Barack Obama's award Friday drew a rebuke from the Republican Party chairman, ridicule from conservative bloggers, and even gripes from some liberals who think he hasn't done enough to wind down the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. . .

"What has President Obama actually accomplished?" said Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Why can't America be proud? Why can we just sit back and bask in the glory of having our president, after 9 months in office be selected as the winner of the greatest prize that humanity offers for being an agent of world peace? Why do we have to find fault, make it into a negative and generally belittle this grand and glorious accomplishment. This is an accomplishment that EVERY American should be proud of.

I feel like ranti8ng and raving at the ignorance and idiocy of the press. I'd like to condemn the proletariat as nothing but simple minded morons for gobbling up this negative feast. I'd like to somehow express the absolute frustration that I feel.
But all that would be futile. All of it would be in vain.

This morning, I got up and knew I was coming into town so I decided to put on my "Obama '08" teee shirt. I pledged to wear one of my OBama tee shirt often after he was elected just to show my continued support. It wasn't until I got to town that I found out about the Nobel Prize. I'm glad I wore the shirt. I'm proud glad Mr. Obama is my president. I'm glad he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Congratulations Mr. Obama. You have brought us into a new world. Keep fighting the good fight and keep raging against the fading light!


Herbert Weaver said...

I'm fully appreciative of Obama's foreign policy initiatives. But I'm kinda pissy about the Nobel Prize in light of him doing virtually nothing on the domestic front. I know that has no reflection on the Nobel Prize, but it still chafes my hide.

MacDaddy said...

To say that President Obama has done nothing on the domestic front is unfair. He has changed the law to make it easier for women to file lawsuits and win against companies discriminate. This is the Equal Pay Act, the first law he signed.

He signed a bill to provide greater protection for Americans against credit card companies. He hired people with integrity to his administration, some of them fired by Karl Rove, foot soldier for Bush.

He paid black farmers who were denied loans and cheated out of monry for decades by the Agriculture Department.

He lifted the Bush administration's 2001 ban on using government funding for stem cell research. The order ends the ban on federal funds for research using newly created embryonic stem cell lines.

And here's something you want here about from the press: He has inspired many young children to study and to believe that they can get be someody important-- something other than a gangbanger or basketball player.

And he has tried to bring health reform to this country, something Bush knew he was too stupid and too insensitive to working class people to do. And he's gotten farther than other presidents in getting health reform.

So be careful about saying the president has achieved nothing domestically.

Sagacious, you're right: All Americans should be proud that our president has received this most prestigious award.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

"nothing on the domestic front?"

Geez, the last administration left behind the biggest mess an incoming administration has been left with since Lincoln. WTF do people expect? Extricating ourselves from the cluster fuck we got into the previous 8 yrs will take time and slow meticulous, purposeful and creative action.
The Nobel Prize is about world peace. In 9 months, Obama has turned around the unilateralism of the previous admin., and applied diplomacy and compassion in dealing with the rest of the world THAT'S what this prize is all about.

Come on folks, pay attention.

There are lots of things Obama has done that I don't like and many things he hasn't done yet that I wonder when he will, but that doesn't mean I view him as a failure or anything like it.
Seems like if people don't get their taco RIGHT NOW they want top shoot the chef RIGHT NOW!
We live in an ADD society.

Herbert Weaver said...

What about Gitmo? What about rendition? What about prosecuting the Bush war criminals? What about standing up to the obstructive idiots on the other side of the aisle? And, most importantly, what about healthcare? Obama's gone from a singlepayer advocate to screwing us all over with an insurance company profit booster that does nothing to help anyone. Really, everything else aside, if he doesn't take the lead and pass real healthcare reform, he has done nothing as far as I'm concerned. I'm still waiting, but I'm not optimistic.

I might be less pissed if I hadn't just got back from a day in the ER looking forward to a $1,000+ bill because I work for myself and my wife has a 'preexisting condition'(so no insurance).

Stimpson said...

Offhand, I can think of a few past Peace Prize winners who were far less deserving ...

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Herbert, I feel your pain. I feel your frustration. Fighting for the common good in Washington is an uphill battle. . . with gernades being tossed at you and many high and wide obstacles to overcome. It seems like it has been easy for right wong pricks to get in there and f'up this country from Nixon to Bush. It has been much harder for left wingers to get in there and fix it. Obama has been at it for 90 months. He's making headway. We've GOT to be patient and suppport him in the efforts he makes. Yea, I was really sour opn the prospect of bailing out banks, insurance companies, etc with my tax dollwars and still don't like it. Would the stock market have closed above 9800 on Fri. if he hadn't? Would it still be at 6500 and my retirement account worth hlf it's value from last year if he hadn't?
I dunno.

Tor Hershman said...

The Nobel Peace Prize is a farce.
Sure, some folks that get it DO deserve the prize but it's a farce; that's why the Swedes wanted nothin to do with it and it's handed-out in Norway.

Tor Hershman said...

I just read you comment at moi’s blog and must conclude that you’ve confused ‘sagacious’ with ‘sanctimonious’ and quotidian sanctimoniousness at that.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

. . .coming from a guy who refers to himself in the third person as "moi."

I love the humor value in blogging.