Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The pilots of Northwest flight 188 told the National Transportation Safety Board that they were so engrossed in a complicated new crew-scheduling program on their laptops — a cockpit violation of airline policy that could cost them their licenses — that they lost track of time and place for more than an hour until they were brought back to alertness by a flight attendant on an intercom.

You lying little pricks! You were sleeping and you know it. Everybody knows it and you look like petty little lying fools for denying it. Your careers are toast either way, so just admit what incompetent fucks you are and go down with a shred of dignity.

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Herbert Weaver said...

Everyone fucks up. But, unless it's just my imagination, people used to cop to it, say sorry and we all moved on. But I wanted to reach into the screen and punch out that flying dickhead when he was getting all cocky with the TV reporter. Jeez, 100+ people coulda died because you were sleeping and you're all chippy because someone was questioning your professionalism???

Still, not as bad as that Aeroflot pilot who crashed a few years ago because he was letting his kid have a go on the controls.