Tuesday, November 17, 2009

9/11 trials in NYC? Not likely.

Just one question about this decision to move the trials of the masterminds involved with the 9/11 attacks to, of all places, NYC: Do they think the defense will NOT be granted a change of venue? How do they expect any law biding decent judge with any knowledge of the Constitution of tyje United States to thin any of them could get a fair trial in NYC? Timothy McVie's trial was moved out of Oklahoma City. So they'll dick around for 6 months deciding to change the venue and then another 6 months over where to change it to and it'll be another 6-12 months while all the pretrial motions, etc. are filed and ruled on.
Not to change the subject, but that'll put us somewhere around the end of '11 or beginning of '12 before the trial gets underway. How will all that efffect the '12 presidential election?


Wallace said...

A trial, opening in New York and then going on the road would sure get everyone's attention. Managed properly, it could be the greatest drama of the age and a distraction from an election, a depression, a war in it's second decade...etc

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Do I see an enterprise opportunity?!