Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

U.S. residents fight for the right to hang laundry
PERKASIE, Pennsylvania (Reuters) – Carin Froehlich pegs her laundry to three clotheslines strung between trees outside her 18th-century farmhouse, knowing that her actions annoy local officials who have asked her to stop.

Froehlich is among the growing number of people across America fighting for the right to dry their laundry outside against a rising tide of housing associations who oppose the practice despite its energy-saving green appeal.

The article goes on to say that people have been fined and that the biggest complaint is that people don't want to look at other people's clothes especially their underwear.

That's some fucked up shit right there. If you don't want to look at somebodies laundry, don't look at their clothesline. This country has gotten ridiculous with people being told what they can and can't do. Buncha fucking bullshit! Now they want to outlaw clotheslines because they look like "white trash" according to one commentator.

This whole idea of community associations is stupid and exclusive as far as I'm concerned. If you chose to live in a place like that, I feel sorry for you. Obviously you're a pitiful little prole who needs others looking out for your well being.

Let's tell these rule nazis to stick their elitist bullshit up their big asses and stay out of other people's business.

Oh, and BTW: if that cute little sweetie down the road wants to hang her underwear where I can see it, I'm all for it! And if old lady McGill wants to hang her underwear out likewise, I just aint lookin. But bravo to both of you for doing things green and natural.

According to the article 6% of household energy use comes from electric and gas laundry driers


Herbert Weaver said...

Don't blame homeowners! HOA's suck ass. We have a HOA but it's nothing to do with residents or their choice. It's just a bunch of pissant Nazis from the development company who drive round and check if people have left their trashcans out too long or left their garage doors open more than the allowed 20 minutes. It's pathetic. But these fuckers can lien your house if you don't pay their fines. One rule that pisses me off is that you aren't allowed to rent out the freaking house you own - even if you have to go out of town for work or whatever - because the HOA Nazis won't let you. Not sure how these things happen in a free society.

Stimpson said...

Thanks for the rant, SH. This is more than a trivial issue. HOAs are standing in the way of energy conservation. Rules against clotheslines shouldn't be allowed, period. States should legislate against such rules. A simple statute invalidating "no clotheslines" rules would put an end to this nonsense in Pennsylvania, or anywhere else.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Good insight gents. Thanks or shedding some real light on the topic.
Pisses me off when stupid people want to stifle energy conservation and tell others they can't do traditional things.