Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Listen very carefully just because they're telling it to you!!!

New Jersey, Virginia Choose Governors as Palin Stumps in N.Y.

Heidi Przybyla Heidi Przybyla – Tue Nov 3, 12:01 am ET

Nov. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Governor’s races today in Virginia and New Jersey have been anticipated as barometers of next year’s midterm congressional elections. A U.S. House race in upstate New York may prove more meaningful.

The New Jersey campaign has been a referendum on the Democratic incumbent, Governor Jon Corzine, 62, and his record on property taxes, roads and other local issues. In Virginia, where Republican Bob McDonnell, 55, leads Democrat Creigh Deeds, 51, the race has turned on traditional concerns of taxes and transportation.

The New York election, in contrast, is a window onto a battle between moderate and conservative Republicans over the party’s future.

Ahem, I'm having a little problem with all the political commentary over this insignificant election cycle. Some of the media talk monkeys are claiming that this petty little election cycle is all about a referendum on Obama's administration. Some are saying the future of the republican party is at stake as is the future of the democrats.

Since when does some congressional race in some backwoods rednecked, upstate NY district determine the future of anything except the perpetual right wing redneck politics of upstate NY? VA governors race? The battle between southern rednecks and uber-groovy Washingtonians continues. Who will prevail this time? NJ? Do we even need to go there? When was the last time anything of any substance came out of New Joizee? I can't recall anything either. NJ is like the WV of the NE. They get no respect and there's usually good reason as to why that is.

So go ahead, tune into MSNBC, FOX News and the other news creation media and listen to how a bunch of pin heads without jobs that contribute anything to real people's lives spin this little excersize in democracy. Listen to them tell the trembling proles how the future of the nation is being shaped by a few minor politician whose collective intellect will accomplish zero in the years to come while they feed at the public trough.
Listen intently while the media defines the message.
Goodnight Marshall McLuhan. I believed you back in 1969.


TRUTH 101 said...

24/7 news cycle SH. The poor news networks are so desperate they're making a republican victory in a republican district sound like high drama.

As for governorships? Other than my state of Illinois and the bordering states, I could not care less.

Oso said...

I was in the neighborhood and thought I'd drop in.Nice post,read some of your others and laughed out loud. Thanks for the laugh,and the good thoughts, and in the words of my states ill-austrious governor I'll Be Back !

Herbert Weaver said...

I'm still pondering something Olbermann was saying tonight. If there is any importance to these off-season races, it's that it shows the Dems need to get out and counter the dumbass radicalism of the wingnuts with some radical fervor of their own. The morons get to dominate the news because they shout loudest. Much as I'd prefer politics to be above an 8th grade level, if that's the only game in town, we need to play too and beat them at it.

rainywalker said...

Didn't NJ have that Twinkee tax awhile back? Anyway didn't even touch the dusty dial. However my niece in Cleveland called and said they found head number eleven with skin still on it in a bucket. The people around his home said he just sat on his front porch and didn't bother anyone. I guess the Bull's Eye BBQ trucks backing up to his garage didn't bother anyone either. I can remember a time when the biggest thrill of the week was the front page of the National Enquirer. Now it's boring and the rest of the country's gone mad!