Thursday, November 5, 2009

News Media: Fact vs. Fiction

So, the democrats picked up two more seats in the house which gives them 259 seats to the republicans 176 (or something close to that). The democrats still maintain control of the senate. Presodent Barack Obama has the strong approval rating of nearly 60% in these very bad economic times (show me a president who ever had such support under anything LIKE these economic conditions). So both houses of congress, the presidency and the support of the American people. Hmmmmm.

Two days ago, the republicans lost a house seat that they had held for over 100 yrs. They won two governor's seats in states where republi'can governors are not at all unusual.
The media sees it differently. They talk of "the big win" for the republicans. The republicans see it differently. They boast of a new "transcendence" (just because Christie is a huge floating blob of fat doesn't mean he's going to float the whole party). I heard one talking head say that it was astonishing that a "true blue" state like NJ would elect that republican tub of shit. How quickly they forget Christine Wittman, the raging right wing republican gov of NJ who was a darling of the Bush/Reagan cartel.

The media has taken on an air of insanity. They have let their obsession with making every story a big 'breaking news' story that they've gone over the edge.

Do we have to become social scientists in our ability to sort through the garbage and render out the facts? Let's face it, the mass of desperate proles out there just aren't up to that task.
Where do we turn for real news? Where do YOU turn for real news?


Akannie said...

LOL...It's a mad,mad.mad,mad world.

I swear to God...I just read a little blurb on a blog that said" If even one little bit of what Beck or Rush says is true, this country is in deep trouble."

I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs...

Had to come visit you for some rationalspeak. I'm surrounded by idiots....(not really-but it feels like it sometimes....)

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Annie, No, you probably ARE surrounded by idiots if you're in any typical American location.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Sagacious, this guy might be up your alley:

He switched to WP from blogger very recently and those posts are worth a read:

W. Va. Fur and Root said...

I've mostly quit the news although I check into Huffington Post now and again. While HuffPo has its own bias, I do feel that I get something approaching real news.