Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A great day in aviation history

Boeing 787
Wow! Holy shit! Incredible! Fucking amazing!
That the only thing I could think of to say when I saw the video of the 787 Dreamliner in flight for the first time today. This is probably the most beautiful airliner ever to take to the sky. It has the absolute coolest slim narrow wings that flex up in a beautiful curve when it starts flying. Just seeing those wings for the first time is enough to leave a airplane lover like me speechless. yea, I'd seen pictures and simulations before, but to really see that huge machine flying like a graceful bird was just awesome.
Take a look at the wings on this beautiful baby:

But it's even more than the wings, this aeroship does mach 0.85. That's haulin the mail. It's also 20% more fuel efficient than any other airliner. That's a whole lot of jet fuel and barrels of oil! It'll hold between 200-300 people and has a range of 3,500 to over 8,000 miles depending upon the configuration. 8,000 miles?! Is that possible? [of course, a lot of this IS possible because of those long sleek beautiful wings]
Those are some incredible numbers. Sorry Airbus, but you just got edged over to the sidelines. You make some nice planes, but Boeing just showed you why they are STILL the greatest airline manufacturer EVER.

Oh and one more thing. . . If that had been Tex Johnson at the controls today, would we have seen a 787 do a barrel roll over Lake Washington?

In other aviation news:

Let's just hang these assholes and leave their bodies swinging for a few days outside the pilot entrance of a couple major air hubs.

Flight attendant caught wayward pilots unaware
By JOAN LOWY and JOSHUA FREED, Associated Press Writers Joan Lowy And Joshua Freed, Associated Press Writers

WASHINGTON – A call from a flight attendant to the pilots of the Northwest Airlines plane that overshot Minneapolis catapulted the cockpit crew from complacency to confusion.

Interviews with the flight crew and other documents released Wednesday by the National Transportation Safety Board indicate the pilots were completely unaware of their predicament until the moment the intercom rang. They were unaware that they had flown their Airbus A320 with 144 passenger more than 100 miles past their destination, that air traffic controllers and their airline's dispatchers had been struggling to reach them for more than an hour, or that the military was at that moment readying fighter jets for an intercept mission. . .

According to a statement signed by flight attendant Barbara Logan, she called the cockpit around 8:15 p.m. CDT to find out when they would be landing. She was told they would land around 12 Greenwich Mean Time. "I said I did not know the time — he said I was hosed and hung up."

The lead flight attendant called to get gate information and was apparently also hung up on, according to Logan's report. That flight attendant later got through to the cockpit. . .
The first controllers the pilots spoke to after becoming aware of their situation turned out to be in Winnipeg, Canada. They had failed to switch their radio frequency from one used by controllers in Denver to one used by Minneapolis controllers. They were still using the Denver frequency — which is the same as the Winnipeg frequency — when they tried to reach air traffic control.

Ok, these dip shit MFers totally betrayed the trust that the public, their employers and the 144 people with lives and families placed in them.
In China they'd have been executed by now. In Japan, they'd have saved the state the trouble and offed themselves. Here in America, the land of the politically correct urban weenie brains, they are currently in front of the NTSB trying to get their pilot licenses back and only "suspended" from their jobs. What a fucking joke. They should have been arrested before they had a chance to get off the plane. They should have been tried and convicted of endangering the lives of 144 people and countless others on the ground. stupid fucking bureaucrats in Washington want to chase "terrorists" all over the damn globe but we can't seem to get any justice against these morons.

Look, you people have one more chance to recruit me for the role of benevolent dictator of this little kingdom. I'll but a stop to the kind of shit, I assure you.


eamoore1978 said...

Don't the 747 and 777 have ranges of over 8k miles and seat more people?
The fuel efficiency and speed look great, though.
And the looks like an albatross! How cool is that?!
Maybe they'll have some in service this summer when I go to Holland....

SagaciousHillbilly said...

"Don't the 747 and 777 have ranges of over 8k miles and seat more people?"

Wawawawa. . . little Miss Knowitall.

Man, some people's kids. Who raises such spawn. . . and then teaches them to act like that.

"it looks like an albatross!"
Yes! exactly my thought even when in flight and not just with an over accentuated fish eye view.
It's a beautiful thing.

We should go fly something someday.