Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hope you are gone in 2010

These are just a few of the people I wish would just fucking disappear in the coming year.

Racists You know who you are. You just don't like the fact that a blsck man is president. You jumped on the opportunity to stick it to that uppity young punk Tiger Woods when he did what a majority of Amurkkkin men have done. Comeo n, you know you couldn't stand it that that young black man was getting one hell of a lot more hot white pussy in the past 3 months than you've ever have or will have a chance of getting.
Yea, you know who you are. Now go the fuck away. Take your knuckle dragging, ignorant cracker ass to the edge of the earth and jump off. You're has beens. You're dumber than a box of rocks. You're really no better than the radical white supremists. In fact, you're worse because you probably go around swearing up and down that you're NOT a rcist. At least the skin head mother fuckers are honest. You are a deceiving piece of shit.
Fuck all you backwoods, handicapped thinking, ignorant racist morons.

Creationists Every time I hear one of you say that evolution is a theory and that creationism is lso a theory that should be taught in the science classroom I want to slap the shit out of one of you stupid fundie fucks.
Here are a couple clues for you:
Religion has NO place in the science classroom.
Evolution is not theory, it's accepted scientific fact.
Every single stupid argument you or any of your dumbass Duane Gish worshipping fundie morons raise against evolution has been shown over and over to be exactly what it is: foolish ideas based on religion.
Now all of you religious fundamentalists just shut the fuck up and keep your religion out of my public schools and safely confined in your stone aged houses of worship.

Extremist partisan politicians I hate you fuckers. You don't care about the common good of the nation. All you scum sucking bottom feeders care about is getting elected the next time around. I'm beginning to believe in term limits for everyone. The founding fathers saw elected office not as a career, but as something successful people were obligated to do AFTER they had become successful. They were to serve the public for a limitted period of time and them pass the torch. It was viewed as a burden to be taken on by older successful people not a luxurious money making career.
Republican, democrat, whatever.
We need to keep lobbyists OUT of the halls of congress and other legislative bodies in this country and DEMAND that our elected officials serve the people and no one else.
If you aren't voting for what you truly believe to be best for the American common good, then fuck you and go away.

Anti-Environmentalists Another group of knuckle dragging morons led by corpo-fascist social manipulators. Listen you stupid fucks, 90+% of climate scientists say that the Earth is warming up due to human activity. The other <10% are being paid by corporate interests who don't want to back off their CO2 spewing shit spreading ways.
Think of the mid 60s. Our air was choking us and our waters were catching fire from all the pollutants. Along came the clean air and clean water acts. Industry said that if they were enacted it would ruin American manufacturing and industry. They were both passed. What followed was the first major clean-up of our air and waters AND one of the biggest growth periods in corporate America history.
Now corporate America is saying the same old bullshit from the 60s and most politicians don't have the balls to call them on their bullshit like politicians did back in the 60s (see previous class of moron listed).
So all you anti-environmentalists: Go away. You're destroying our Earth, you're assholes and fucking morons.

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