Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mac Walton - MacDaddy

There will be a big emptiness in the hearts of Mac's friends for a long time to come.
I'm feelin the love that Mac sent us every time he laid wisdom on his friends and I'm very sad.

This is Mac's blog preamble and today's post from one of his friends.


Hello. Come on in. The daddy writes about current events, literature, music and, once in a while, drops something on you from back in the day to make you pause and ponder, stop and stare, and begin to wonder. Who knows? You may start to pace the floor, shake your head from side to side, then fall down on bended knees in a praying position and cry, "Lawd, have mercy! What is this world coming to?" Check yourself! But this blog is NOT about the daddy. It's about you: your boos, your fam, your hood, your country...our hopes and dreams of a better tomorrow. So let's make a pact: the daddy will put it on the track if you'll chase it down and hit him back. Together, we can definitely take it to another level. Shall we?"

Tuesday, December 22, 2009
Rest in Peace, Macarthur Walton
It is with profound sadness we inform MacDaddy's cherished fellow bloggers and followers, that the Daddy has passed on in the most peaceful manner at home surrounded by family and friends. We'll be adding more about our dear Mac but for now, leave you with a poem he wrote that summed up exactly how he lived and embraced his life fully since his cancer diagnosis five years ago.


Tomorrow morn

Let me live and know life for one more day
Just one more day

Let me wake to hurried neighbors revving cars
Racing to a closed-in office, chasing a rising sun
And sip smoking hot, black. fresh-brewed
from a Mickey's Diner cup
Reading the Star-Tribune, tasting buttered toast still warm

Tomorrow noon

Let me lunch on green salad, fresh fruit, green tea
with knowing companions
Plucking seedless, blue grapes from thick vines
Swapping warm smiles, tall tales and a joke or two

Tomorrow eve,

Let me dine on french bread, beef brisket, chilled wine
and a soft face
Nurturing hopes and dreams of a sweeter tomorrow
Grateful for your warm love and generosity in hearing me pray

Let me life and know life for one more day
Just one more day


Jim said...

Thanks Sagacious - I always thought you two had some of the more interesting conversations going back and forth. We had hoped to hook of with you in Fl at one point. He sure enjoyed it a lot and the nature and beaches always renewed and inspired him.
You're right about a big hole in the heart.
Mary Pat Gallivan

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Hardly a day goes by that I haven't thought about Mac.

MountainLaurel said...

I just found out today as I've been lax in my blog reading. I thank you, Sagacious Hillbilly, for introducing me to him. He had a profound effect on my thinking and reading. Even though we never met, I feel his loss.

rainywalker said...

Well stated.