Friday, December 18, 2009

The Tiger Woods Saga

Somebody's got to help me out here. What am I missing?
Tiger Woods has been knocked around like he just killed off half an innocent third world country.
As I understand it, it turns out that Tiger is a bit of a lady's man. Ok, big surprise. The guy is mega rich, good looking, young and athletic. Ya think he might take advantage of a few of the hundreds of women who no doubt throw themselves at him every day? Big fucking deal. How many men wouldn't?
So why the crucifiction? Is this what we fought the sexual revolution of the 60s for? Listen, a lot of people sacrifices big time back then so that future generation could be free of this panty waisted, self righteous, judgemental, backwoods, archaic bullshit.

So help me out. . . am I missing something?


Stimpson said...

The salaciousness is just too much for parts of the news media to ignore. That explains all the attention.

The condemnation is more difficult to comprehend, let alone agree with. He did nothing terrible to anyone but his family, and that's their business.

TRUTH 101 said...

There isn't a guy in the world that wouldn't give Tiger a high five if his wife or girlfriend wasn't around.

I think the only ladies he should be paying off are the ones that said he was "well endowed" and great in bed. And that's to keep saying those things. Of course he may have been paying them all along. He is a shrewd businessman.