Thursday, April 7, 2011

News bits that make you say "WTF?!"

Colorado police pepper-spray misbehaving boy, 8

By SHEILA V KUMAR, Associated Press – Thu Apr 7, 10:45 am ET
DENVER – The staff at the Colorado elementary school said no one could calm 8-year-old Aidan Elliott.
He had just thrown a TV and chairs and was now trying to use a cart to bust through a door to an office where teachers had taken some young students for safety.
They called the police.
The officers found him with a foot-long piece of wood trim with a knife-like point in one hand and a cardboard box in the other.
"Come get me, f-----," he said.
When they couldn't calm him down, one squirted Aidan with pepper spray. He blocked it with the cardboard box.
A second squirt hit the youngster in the side of the head, and down he went, according to an account of the Feb. 22 standoff in a police report first obtained by KUSA-TV.

What the fuck?! Are you fucking kidding me?! Grown police officers and adult teachers couldn't subdue an 8 yo? These fucking morons should be arrested. Where is the outrage? This is so outrageous? The kid was unarmed. It's not like he was waving around a .357 or something. Man, if I were his parents this kid would have a free college education and a big down payment on a house and I'd be screaming at prosecutors to arrest the low life pieces of shit who had any responsibility for this act. Strange, the mother and child both seem intelligent and well spoken in the video, when one would expect maybe less from some kid who was so out of control that he had to be maced.

So where is the public outrage? I guess it's ok these days for police to mace an 8 yo.

Laptops and Other Electronics May Be Seized on Entry to US – 2 hrs 31 mins ago
If you can’t let a day go by without accessing your personal data and files, you’d better think twice about crossing the border back into the U.S. with your computer. That’s because digital devices such as a laptop computer can be seized at the border without a warrant and sent to a secondary site for forensic inspection.
That ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit last week is the second in less than a year that allows the U.S. government to conduct offsite searches of digital devices seized at the border without a warrant, Network World reported.

Well, it took a few more years than expected, but Orwell was right. We don't live in a free society. Freedom is a bunch of rhetoric spoon fed to the proles so they will march lockstep to the beat of the corporate power elite and their fascist regime.
Anybody who is still walking around talking about "America: home of the free" is a dumb fuck ignorant spooge bucket who wouldn't know what this country was originally about if the Constitution of the United States hit them upside their dumb fuck head. I have seen the enemy and it is the proles of this nation who are too stupid to think.

Obama, leaders short of deal as shutdown looms

By DAVID ESPO, AP Special Correspondent – 57 mins ago
WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama and congressional leaders bargained and blustered by turns Thursday, still short of an agreement to cut federal spending and head off a midnight Friday government shutdown that no one claimed to want.

Yea, let's cut all social programs, environmental protection, public broadcasting, planned parenthood and anything that conflicts with the mythological beliefs of a bunch of right wing extremist religious fundamentalists and benefits their corpo-fascist puppet masters. Fuck the common good. Fuck the long term existence of our nation. Fuck the children whose parents don't make $50k per year. Fuck you hurray for me. Now, give huge tax breaks to the rich so that they pay less than the average American and then establish enough loop holes so the largest corporation in America and the world doesn't pay a single penny in taxes and actaully gets a rebate from the IRS. Ditto Exxon-Mobil corporation with their record profits while we pay record prices for a gallon of gasoline and pay taxes and they pay NOTHING. Thanks congress!
These people are crazed fanatics who have been given validity by the public and by the main stream political bottom feeders in both parties who are caving to their sick and twisted demands.
WTF is going on in this country? Where is the public outrage?

Maine labor art's removal strikes sensitive nerve

By GLENN ADAMS, Associated Press – 1 hr 31 mins ago
AUGUSTA, Maine – It's big in its own right, a 36-foot-wide, 11-panel mural representing Maine's labor history. Even bigger is the nerve its removal has struck in politics, academia and the art world during the national debate over public workers' collective bargaining rights.
The state's new pro-business governor ordered it removed from the Maine Department of Labor's lobby in late March, saying it didn't mesh with his policy goals. Since then, the maelstrom of reaction has only escalated, resonating all the way to Washington.

Labor history art is being removed from state capitals all over the country where it used to be a staple and a symbol of the people's control over their own government. There shoudl be national outrage over this. Instead the ignorant proles sleep.
We really are doomed. I wonder how long before the United States of America is a third world country that the EU and China are stuck dealing with.

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rainywalker said...

The police in Denver are some real wonder troops. Last year a bus driver got off the bus to help a senior across the snowy road in Denver. The police came along and arrested him helping the person across the street and he was fired. He did at least get his job back.
We continue to print dollars backed up by nothing and to be quite frank I am more concerned about that than the government shuting down. We have no money, we are broke. Shutdown is not really going to happen. Anyone who throws that switch is bringing Katrina to the entire country.
Just in case? Why are the people on welfare, social programs and Social Security going to continue to receive dollars and our solders dying around the world get nothing? If you were a dying soldier what would your last thoughts be? Screw you all, you bureaucratic whores!