Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The truth often comes out. . . .

Trump: Obama wasn't qualified for Ivy League

By BETH FOUHY, Associated Press – Mon Apr 25, 10:00 pm ET
NEW YORK – Real estate mogul Donald Trump suggested in an interview Monday that President Barack Obama had been a poor student who did not deserve to be admitted to the Ivy League universities he attended. Trump, who is mulling a bid for the Republican presidential nomination, offered no proof for his claim but said he would continue to press the matter as he has the legitimacy of the president's birth certificate.

I always knew Trump was a whack job, but an outright racist? I'm a little surprised. Here he is playing precisely into the minds of the extreme right racist/white supremist faction of the republican party. This is just so blatant and so wrong it's phenomenal. Donald Trump; you are done.


rainywalker said...

We should not buy into what people in this country say and the media. Just because Trump or anyone says something negative about the president does not make him or them a racist. He didn't use racist terms or say anything racist. Lets distinguish between stupidity and racism.

rainywalker said...

With affirmative action programs and when the president went to college it was likely he got accepted because of his race. But I really don't know. That's just the way it was and still is in many sectors of college, business, military promotions, etc. But that still doesn't make anyone a racist for telling what he believes to be the truth.

Gregory Williams said...

Hey SH!

Trump and the baggers are not racist.

They are white supremacists.

Gregory Williams said...

rainy, you're an idiot.

rainywalker said...

Certifiable! Thanks for clearing that up.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Rainy might be certifiable but he sure aint no idiot.

Yes, I believe Trump really is a white supremist. I have no doubt that he believes the white race to be superior to all others. His words and actions seem to indicate that strongly.
You know about code talk Rainy. Well, it happens on a social level also. Most people don't recognize it, but those who are the victims of it see it a mile away. I have learned to hear it.
The teabaggers have used it masterfully to persuade people who otherwise wouldn't want to say outright racist things to go along with their agenda of outrage and anger at having a black man being President of the United States. It's eating their lunch and they are using a shallow phoney agenda to express their anger and hatred.