Wednesday, April 13, 2011

News bits with sagacious commentary

Gingrich calls Obama's tax plan a job-killer

By SHANNON McCAFFREY, Associated Press – 1 hr 41 mins ago
ATLANTA – Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich on Wednesday blasted a budget address by President Barack Obama calling it a job-killer and not a serious proposal.
The former U.S. House speaker, in Atlanta scooping up money for his likely White House bid, told The Associated Press that Obama's new proposal to couple spending cuts with tax hikes on the wealthy was "a job-killing big-government defending avoidance of responsibility."

Ok Newt, so how many jobs have you created in your long undistinquished political career? This fucking blowhard always has some holier-than-thou comment about everything anybody does. Mean while, he's a do nothing prick who has never done anything except obstruct the workings of gov't and bring an air of negativity to any process he's involved in. When he's not divorcing wives and then marrying younger women, he's snarking around with his snide bullshit attitude doing nothing but criticize and put down others. When is the American public going to get sick of this giant douche bag and tell him to go back to Georgia and shut the fuck up for the rest of his miserable life?

Video of TSA frisking 6-year-old sparks anger

By DYLAN LOVAN and CAITLIN R. KING, Associated Press – Wed Apr 13, 6:31 pm ET
BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A Kentucky mother said Wednesday that federal airport screeners wouldn't tell her why they were frisking her 6-year-old daughter, whose treatment was captured on a YouTube video that has sparked outrage.
Selena Drexel said her family went through body scanners last month at the New Orleans airport, and her daughter Anna was selected for a pat-down. She asked why but wasn't given a reason.
Drexel told The Associated Press in an interview on Wednesday that her daughter began to cry after the search and said, "I'm sorry mommy. I don't know what I did wrong."

If this doesn't make you sick, you have no humanity and definitely don't have any children. I am so sick of those dumb fucking TSA bubbas groping and generally making air travel a sickening affair. Now they're groping 6 yo children. What kind of sick fucks do they have working at these places. . . never mind. I've seen them. They're a bunch of dumb looking obese bubba who couldn't get into law enforcement thuggery so as a last resort they applied with TSA. They probably get paid $7.50/hr. for the privelege of wearing a uniform and walking out of their low rent apartment every day looking like fat assed security guards. Then they go to their jobs and treat good normal hardworking American citizens like common criminals. Fuck you Obama for not putting an end or some type of reigns on these dumb fucks and their fascist leaders.

Joe Biden May Have Nodded Off During Obama's Debt Speech

Reuters –
Erik Hayden – Wed Apr 13, 4:14 pm ET
Today, President Obama countered GOP deficit reduction proposals by offering to slash $4 trillion over the next twelve years in a heavily-hyped speech. And, naturally, his right hand man, the Vice President, goes and changes the narrative of the day from "who has a better vision for America's fiscal future" to the easier to digest headline of "Hey, look, Biden is sleeping while the president drones about an almost incomprehensible amount of money."

Fuck yea, I'd be sleeping too. Ho hard is it to sit there and listen to Obama talk about cutting programs for the working class and poor and then talk about taxing the rich which we know will not happen. The programs for the poor will be taxed and the rich will keep getting tax breaks while cashing in on the endless wars we are involved in. This is a national nightmare for anyone with any concerns for the common good of our nation. I try and sleep through as much of it as I can.

Kobe Bryant fined $100,000 for gay slur

By GREG BEACHAM, AP Sports Writer – 1 hr 38 mins ago
LOS ANGELES – The NBA fined Kobe Bryant $100,000 on Wednesday for using a derogatory gay term in frustration over a referee's call.
NBA Commissioner David Stern issued a swift disciplinary ruling after the Los Angeles Lakers' five-time NBA champion guard cursed and used the homophobic slur when referee Bennie Adams called a technical foul on him during the third quarter of a victory over the San Antonio Spurs. . .
Bryant, the sixth-leading scorer in NBA history, issued a statement earlier Wednesday saying his words came strictly out of anger and shouldn't be taken literally.

Kobe, you sound like some redneck who just used the "N" word and got called out for it. . . . "awww schucks, I didn't mean nuthin by it."
STFU you shirt chewing slack jawed dip shit. Now let's see if the NBA turns a chunk of that fine over to a gay rights advocacy group. I'll bet they don't. I hope they prove me wrong.

Santorum announces presidential fundraising effort
AP – 10 mins ago

MANCHESTER, N.H. - Former Sen. Rick Santorum on Wednesday announced a fundraising committee that allows him to take the first steps toward a presidential campaign.

Is the GOP going to find any respectable candidates? This guy is just another in a long line of right wing extremist whack jobs. Maybe they have resigned themselves to another 4 yrs of democratic administration. But reallym who do they have? The entire party seems to be made up of extremists from the teabagger faction. The dems are all a bunch of spineless wimps. What a fucking mess.
Santorum is running. . . uh, huh, huh. . . he said "santorum."


rainywalker said...

This is all to sicking for me. But only TSA knows if Ann Colter is a women.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

HA! Only her TSA agent knows for sure.
Yea Rainy, at our age, it's probably best if we just keep our head down and go on about our business withput thinking too much abut all this crap going on around us. Let's enjoy the time we have.