Friday, April 8, 2011

Suspicions confirmed. . .

I said this over a year ago when healthcare passed:

I look for a backlash that will be loud, hateful, laced with racist undertones and perhaps violent. The current mood on the right is dangerous. . . especially to themselves.

All turned out to be true except for the last part. The republican have lots of support according to recent polls.
Never underestimate the ignorance and idiocy of the American proletariat.


rainywalker said...

I agree with you but for different reasons. Check out the systems in Canada and other European countries. Falling apart, long lists, lines and seniors dying on a list. If my parents were alive I wouldn't want them told your 75, sorry no heart operation. Go home, take an aspirin and die.

Herbert Weaver said...

Rainywalker, half my family and friends live in the UK. We have friends in Canada, France and Germany. They all pity us for our sh*tty healthcare and spectacularly self-defeating ignorance. You don't need to go far from home to find the only place in the developed world where healthcare is rationed with fatal consequences. You are living in it.

And, Sag, I hope to hell the rethugs get their govt shutdown. Give the senile fatass 'baggers one month without a government check and they'll be voting Dem faster than Barbara Streisand.

rainywalker said...

The data from Canada and UK do not support your comments. The only think wrong with our healthcare is the cost is out of control. Why do all the Canadian sports teams come here for surgery? They can't wait on the list up there.

Herbert Weaver said...

"Why do all the Canadian sports teams come here for surgery?"

Because if you, or your team, have money to pay, US healthcare is great. If you don't, you are f*cked.

And show me "the data". Like I said, no-one I know has ever had a problem with their healthcare in other countries and they're always completely mystified by the rethug propaganda about their systems that you seem to mistake for "data".

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Rainy, I'm afraid Herb is right. Sure,we have great hospitals and some of the latest technology and research but it's not fairly distributed. IF you are rich and can pay the price you can be assured a liver transplant from the finest surgeons and facilities in the world. If you are working class you die. You said it yourself.
We have to take steps to change that. ObamaCare, as the repubs call it, was a step. Not perfect, but a step in the right direction. Also agree with Herb that my friends in UK and Can. all tell me their treatment and care is fine with no bills.
We need a system that encourages people to be healthy and then helps them get better when things go wrong.
Frankly, the idea of giving some drug and alcohol abuser who won't stop drinking a new liver is stupid. . . but if you're Micky Mantle you can get it. How about spending hundreds of thousands keeping some guy alive who is 100lbs over weight and smokes w/ COPD and diabetes?

rainywalker said...

We are all at least on the same page here and if in charge could come to an agreement that would be good for the people. SH & HW check out some of the sites concerning health care in Canada and the UK.

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