Monday, April 18, 2011

Trump the Court Jester or Sideshow Donald

So what is the deal with this guy's hair?

Is he bald and does some kinda strange comb over? It looks ridiculous. Is it that nobody has the balls to tell this megalomaniac that his hair looks absurd? I don't get it.

Near as I can tell he has a crazy fucking comb over. It must require constant attention as he jets all over the country delivering his even more absurd rhetoric on President Obama's legitimacy.

I wonder, does he travel with a stylist who pays close and constant attention to his convoluted coif? Obviously, something that fucked up is impossible to keep under control 24/7 so we at least get to be amused by his foolish follicular freak show.

Hasn't anyone done a photoshop job on this guy to show what he'd look like without the comb over? I'll bet he looks even dumber than he does with the dippy doo.


sharon said...

He must be precious when he first wakes up in the morning!

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I'm wondering how people talk to him face to face without cracking up. I'd be like "yo, DT, what's with the fuckin hair dude? you look ridiculous!"

rainywalker said...

He is nearly broke and I could pass on the hair if he just made sense sometimes. However he is the only person on television in the last 30 years who actually answers the question he is ask.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

He does have a certain charm in his straightforward manner and frankness Rainy. . . too bad he is bat shit crazy.

stevebrand74 said...

Trump combs his hair like that to hide the scars from a botched hair transplant. Back in the mid-1990s he had a hair transplant done but the plugs didn't take and fell out, leaving pock hole like scars on his scalp. You'd think someone of his level of wealth would get the best doctor, but who knows.