Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Horror. . . the reality of AmurKKKa.

Well, they're doing it. My fears are coming true. The media and everyone else is attacking Obama for all they can possibly come up with.

Why is it that when Obama's minister says something stupid and rhetorical it has to be placed on Obama's head as if he said it? Meanwhile, the right wing has been courting radical right wing Christian fundamentalists who say all sorts of whacked out crazy bullshit from "god is punishing New Orleans" in the wake of Katrina, to absurd statements about science, to horribly prejudicial statements about blacks, catholics, homosexuals and many others. Nobody pounds on them over that stuff. (man, would I be busted for yesterday's post) Who else's religious affiliation has been questioned? Hell, America elected a complete moron who claimed to be a "born agin" fundie during the last election. . . a guy who said "creationism" should be considered in science classes. And we're worried about the silly rhetorical spew from some Chicago preacher? Come on people.

At one point in his life Obama was involved with some shady businessman who has since been indicted for some business related crimes. Well aint that horrible. It's like Obama himself has been indicted. How many of us haven't at one point or another crossed paths with some notorious or shady character on one degree or another. Geez, I hope I'm not judged by all the bozos in my notorious past. Meanwhile, we've got the republican corpo-fascists selling our country off to the lowest corporate bidder like a fire sale. WTF? MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp couldn't be any more attached to the sleeziest part of corporate America. Why doesn't bush/cheney have to answer for the things that Halliburton does when they get caught skimming billons from the Army food budget? This is a company Cheney was CEO of. McCain and Hillary both are so closely tied to corporatee lobbyists it's pathetic. I had expected McCain to go "Duke Cunningham" by now. They both have lobbyists involved in their campaigns. Why is that not an issue?

Why is it that every little aspect on Obama's position on the Iraq Fiasco is being scrutinized. Hell, Hillary voted FOR the war and McCain is in favor of long term (he said 100 years) occupation of the middle east and Iraq, but the fact that Obama was a state legislator at the time of the vote seems to disqualify him from having a voice on the issue and anything he does say is picked apart.

Obama foreign-policy adviser, Samantha Power, was forced to step down after saying Clinton was acting like a "monster." Ferraro resigned but Clinton never apologized when she basically called Obama a racial token candidate. Clinton's campagn has a history of sending people out to make brash absurd statements about Obama and then offering them up for sacrifice after the statement has been made and well played. Remember the drug use issue? They're still getting milage over the Muslim lies. If Obama had employed such tactics, he'd have been buried. Instead, he has run one of the cleanest campaigns in modern times, but no one in the press has noted that simple fact.

And just in case you think I'm complaining over some NewsMax or Fox(Faux)News bullshit, last night, Obama's vulnerabilities were the main topics of dicussion on MSNBC with most of the commentators coming down hard on him.

Today, Obama is being forced to give a speech on racial issues around the campaign. Why isn't Hillary being forced to give a speech on feminist issues around her campaign or McCain on white issues of racism? Shall we explore McCain and Clinton's background and uncover any possible affiliation they've had with white racists? Aint gonna happen.

Yup, the O Man is being ambushed. Some might call it a lynching.
Just when, for the first time in my adult life I was beginning to feel proud of my country and its people. . . I should have known better.

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DallasDeckard said...

Obama's pastor isn't just someone who "supports" Obama. He is the man that married him and that man that Obama *himself* claims as his "spiritual advisor". Obama clearly subscribes to what this man says, he has been going to this man's church for over 20 years!

Now, after 20 years you pretty much figure out what a person stands for and you either cut and run, or you stick... and Obama stuck and THAT is why he is under fire.

Obama knew what this man was saying, what he stood for and he stood BY him, being mentored by this racist.

The bottom line is Obama nor Hilary have what it takes to be President of the United States. McCain will win in a LANDSLIDE, remember I said that!