Monday, March 10, 2008

Tucker the Schmuck is gone from MSNBC! BRAVO!

Tucker Carlson out at MSNBC
Mon Mar 10, 1:49 PM ET
NEW YORK - The bow tie is out at MNSBC. David Gregory is replacing Tucker Carlson as host of a one-hour show each evening.

Thank you MSNBC. Thank you.

I grew so tired of watching that snotty little punk get made the fool by most of his guests. Everytime he pened his childish mouth to argue with someone they shut him down like the amateur that he was. Watching that hour long joke of a news show was like watching some high school parody "Tucker" the schmuck playing the whiney pissy twit of a host. Thanks to MSNBC for removing that little piss-ant. I hope his little croney friends are also out the door. I hear Faux News is loking for ratings, maybe they can prop him up, put him on steroids and see if their viewers go for it.

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