Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pat Buchanan is a moron fucktard

Holy fucking shit! Pat Buchanan,on MSNBC, just said that Barrack Obama being in the position he is in is comparable to MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp being where he is. . .
Why? Well, because Bush got there because his father was once the president with the same name and because Obama is black. Yes, Obama's race is the same as Bush's silver spoon. Fucking eh! The racist moron fucks like Buchanan and Ferraro are now defining the history of African-Americans in the United States as being a social and political advantage the same as being born into one of the most politically presitgious and financially secure families in America.
When is this stupid fucking insanity going to go away? It has become obvious that America is still to stupid and immature to handle a multiracial national election.
Oh fuck. We've come not far.
But African-Americans have come really far in a very short amount of time. They've gone from a brother not being able to get a break, to a brother dominating the presidential election simply because he is black. Wow. What an amazing tranformation.

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Shark-fu said...

Yeah, saw it live.

I feel so lucky...not.