Friday, March 7, 2008

How low will she go?

Oh my, what price will the Clintons exact in their quest for democratic nomination to the White House? Will they compromise the chances of the democrats being victorious in November? Yes, they will. Obviously the chance to become the president of the United States is more important to them than the reasons they say they want to become president. If we have to endure another term of corpo-fascist politics under McBush-McCain, the country might not be able to recover and the Cintons know that. If the republicans take the White House with John McBush McCain in the presidency, the social issues in this country will be ignored for four more years. We will continue to occupy and lose young Americans in Iraq for at least four more years. The Cintons don't seem to mind that. It is more important to them to have another chance at being president than to possibly sacrifice the White House to the corpo-fascists for four more years.
How else would one analyse what Hillary Clinton has been saying lately in campaign speeches? She has been saying that SHE has the experience to be president, John McBush McCain has the experience to be president and Obama has "a speech he made in 2002."
Can one come to any conclusion other than that Clinton is endorsing McBush McCain for the presidency over Mr. Obama?
Does she not see that if Obama gets the nomination those words of hers will be used against him effectively by the republicans?
What the fuck can this fucking moron be thinking? She's not thinking. She's only grasping at any straw she can find that will giveee her the votes she needs to get the nomination. It's an act of desperation and it's a recreant act which is nothing short of treason agaiinst her own party.
This is the same campaign that has inferred that Obama is a Muslim (not necessarily a bad thing, but preceived as such by the proletariat). They have made an issue of Obama's youthful drug use. They have even in recent days, compared him to Ken Starr for asking the Cintons to release their tax returns. Poor Hillary, being attacked by Ken Starr again, oh, wait, that was Bill Clinton who was attacked by Ken Starr, not Hillary, oh well, no difference. The question is; will the proletariat fall for this tactic of Hillary portrayiing herself as a victim? Always a victim. After all the smearing and dirty politics they have employed, they are now making a big deal over an unpaid Obama advisor using the term "monster" off the record in an interview with a Scottish newspaper. Yes, the advisor was venting her frustration at the Clinton dirty tactics off the record (ok, nothing is off the record when talkiing to reporters these day) when she called her a "monster." Big fucking deal. Sadly, the Obama campaign gave ina and fired the advisor (can an unpaid advisor be fired?). Well the Clinton campaign is once again using this as a tool t protray themselves as victims.
How low will thee Clintons go? I dunno, but it's kinda funny that lately Hillary has been hinting that there might be a combined Clinton/Obama ticket. Fuck that. If Hillary is the nominee, she will neeed Obama. If Obama is the nominee, Clinton will be a liability.
A few months ago, I had hoped for an Edwards/Obama ticket. An Obama/Edwards ticket will be just as good.

Come on Pennsylvania. Let's get Hillary out of the way once and for all. Most of us have Clinton Fatigue at this point.


MountainLaurel said...

I've been thinking the same thing for quite a few months. WE need Edwards. I'm just pulling for whoever can get Edwards there. At this point, I'm pulling for clinton b/c Obama has said less about her that will come back to haunt us in the generals.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Ah, so vote for the person wh has slung the most mud and said the most negative things about the other? What kind of logic is that?
Hillary has had her chance to change healthcare and she didn't do it. She had her chance to stand up against the Iraq clusterfuck and she didn't do it. She had her chance to exhibit behaviors that would lead the electorate to believe that she would NOT be beholding to corporate interests. She didn't do it.
A vote for Billary is simply a vote for republican lite.
Once again, we'd be forced to pick between the lesser of two evils. I've been doing that for thirty seven years of voting and I'm tired of it.

Colonel Colonel said...

McCain is just praying that Hillary gets the nomination. He'll make toast of her. I really am coming to believe she's quite willing to destroy the party in order to become President.

Phoebe Fay said...

I don't think she'll get the nomination. She can't get it fairly unless Obama is caught drinking the blood of virgins with Osama bin Laden or something. So if she does get it, she'll have done it dirty. And that dirt will fracture the Democratic party beyond repair.

And I think that wouldn't be the worst thing. The Democratic party NEEDS to change. I think electing Obama could bring that change and save the party.

If that doesn't happen, if the party shows itself determined to be stuck in the triangulating, suck-at-the-corporate-teat and quake-before-the-Republicans mess its created, then screw it. It deserves to implode.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Right on Ms. Fay. . . and what the hell, maybe it's time to implode the whole fucking mess and go from scratch. This time it won't be a peceful revolution like in the 60s. If people rise from the desperate depths or proletarianism, they will rise with a vengence.