Sunday, July 20, 2008

Military scum sucking bottom feeder

Mullen worries about troop withdrawal timeline

WASHINGTON - The Pentagon's top military officer said Sunday a specific time frame for withdrawing U.S. combat troops from Iraq could jeopardize political and economic progress, leading to "dangerous consequences."

Adm. Mike Mullen said the agreement between President Bush and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to set a "general time horizon" for bringing more troops home from the war was a sign of "healthy negotiations for a burgeoning democracy."

"I think the strategic goals of having time horizons are ones that we all seek because eventually we would like to see U.S. forces draw down and eventually all come home," the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman said. "This right now doesn't speak to either time lines or timetables, based on my understanding of where we are.". . .

"Should that mission change, and we get a new president, and should those conditions be conditions that get generated or required in order to advise a future president, I would do so accordingly," Mullen said. "Based on my time in and out of Iraq in recent months, I think the conditions-based assessments are the way to go and they're very solid. We're making progress and we can move forward accordingly based on those conditions."

"time horizons" what a crock of bullshit. Why do these military thugs think they have to talk as if they are. . . oh, never mind. . . I answered my own question; "military thugs." Fuck you moron pricks with your double speak and bullshit words like "time horizons."

Let's just jump right in here and ionterpret this for what it is. Basically this military lug nut is threatening the American proletariat with the idea that if "a new president" is elected and he happens to decide that it's time to bring troops home, all will bew lost in Iraq and horrible things will happen. Therefore, elect another four years of Bush the Chimp and all will be fine. Uh huh. Sadly, the ignorant desperate proles are liable to do just that if they are 'Joseph Goebbels'ed' enough into believing this perception of reality that is generated by a lifetime of military brainwashing and right wing conservative indoctrination. Shut the fuck up Adm. Mike Mullins. You fucking cretinous traitors had your chance.

Mullen, meanwhile, discussed the fallout from a potential attack against Tehran by either the U.S. or Israel. "Right now I'm fighting two wars and I don't need a third one."

He added, "I worry about the instability in that part of the world and, in fact, the possible unintended consequences of a strike like that and, in fact, having an impact throughout the region that would be difficult to both predict exactly what it would be and then the actions that we would have to take to contain it."

Ya know. If I were president, I'd put a gag in this shit head's mouth. Since when are generals and admirals supposed to be getting directly involved in politics? Didn't Truman get a little pissy toward one of his generals because he stepped out of line in a similar fashion?


Sal Kilmister said...

What a turd. I'm glad this go knows better than the PM of Iraq...

rainywalker said...

Your right the military used to be neutral. Now they are running the show. Give them eight more years and they will control the entire country and a bunch of us will be dead or behind razor wire.

MacDaddy said...

Bush politicized the military like he politicized the Justice Department, which once prided itself on being neutral. This job of politicizing various departments was given to Rove... how many days before leaves office?

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I read the US gave Iran "a fortnight" to comply with their wishes. I looked it up: that's two weeks. So what happens on the weekend of Aug 2nd?

The last time we gave a country an ultimatum was Iraq. Is this one an ultimate ultimatum, or a we're trying to sound like we still rule the world even though we're flat broke and barely hanging on by our fingernails ultimatum?