Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The shame of America

America began the 21st Century with shame. The century that should have begun with all the hope, promise and opportunity that America has the potential to offer the world began instead with imperialistic, fascist incursions into the middle east. It was perpetrated by an administration hell bent on providing the corporate royalty of America with all the money and resources they could squeeze out of the American people and the world. Yes, as a nation we should bough our heads in shame. . . the shame that we could let these corpo-fascists install themselves into our halls of power. . . the shame that our congress anointed them with all the power they asked for whenever they asked for it. . . the congress that we, as Americans elected. . .the shame that we were duped into falling for all their fear mongering and social manipulation. . . the shame that we allowed these low browed thugs to ran rampant around the world with their agenda of greed.
And never America, never, forget that we sat idly by and watched as a moronic dunderhead posed as our president and at the will of the corporate royalty presented lie after lie which we swallowed whole time and time again.
In eight years I have watched as our nation that had been on a road of prosperity and benevolence in the world has sunk into a cauldron of economic crisis and worldwide distain.
YOU America have done this to yourself. You have made yourselves into the stupid ignorant global village idiot bully that YOU have become. We live in a democratic republic. It was YOU the PEOPLE who voted these recreant traitors into office. It was you the people who sat by and watched swallowing their lies and going along with their horrors. You ARE the greed and stupidity and the shame that America has become.
YOU are the desperate proles who sit idly by as nothing is done in the halls of congress to remove these traitors from our midst. Perhaps that is the gravest shame that we have in America today. The shame that despite the horrors of the past eight years you continue to sit idle and about 50% of you say you’re going to vote for the same regime again in Nov. and one in four of you approve of the job that the current administration is doing.
To quote an old 80s saying. . . what the fuck is your major malfunction?

Now, five years after MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp stood before the American public and declares “major combat operations over” and “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq, we are still stuck in a brutal civil war, have lost almost 4,000 American troops since then and have no exit strategy or plan for victory whatsoever. Our national resources are being consumed at horrendous rates to support the corporations that are sponsoring this war and still 50% of you want to continue this war. What the fuck is your major malfunction America?

What are you going to tell your children and your grandchildren when they are learning history and they ask how such a thing could have happened in American history back around the turn of the century? What will you tell them when they ask you who you voted for and what you were doing at the time? Will they feel your shame?


MacDaddy said...

Good post, sagacious. And, unfortunately, you're telling the truth...history will not be kind to us.

Hawa Bond said...

Well... it took much longer than 8 years for corporate greed to take root and bloom...

But let's just say Dubya is the permanent poster child for this condition.

I am actually preparing a blog post about fatalities at the dangerous intersections of human nature (which will discuss corporate greed, government ethics, etc)...

Reading this makes me want to accelerate that blog post. ;-)

Hawa from
Fackin Truth Blog

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Absolutely true Hawa. It has been a long slippery slope. Hell, we might say that it goes all the way back to Alexander Hamilton and his republican ideal of unbridled commerce. At least Hamilton believed that such an ideal executed throughout the world could be the key to world peace and benevolence among nations and that governmnet should play a very small role in people's lives.
I guess more accurtately on my part would have been to say that the past eight years has seen the most intense application of corporate greed in government ever.

Yea Daddy, I'm afraid history will scratch it's head and wonder WTF?
Our natiuonal debt alone could be fatal at this point.

rainywalker said...

There is no longer shame, outrage or honor inside the beltway. Its all about greed. Like the Romans we will pay in the end. A very sad payment.