Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm tired and too damn fat

So it's time to do something about it.
The only way I've ever been able to lose weight is doing the Atkins Diet. It works for me.
So I've decided that I need to get down from 225 to 180 or 190 in the next few months and I'm going to bust all over the Atkins plan. . . my way, cause that's how I do things.
The Atkins Diet is all about low or no carb consumption. The cool thing about that is that meats and most dairy products don't contain any carbs, just lots of cholesterol. My doctor tells me that since I always have good cholesterol numbers and I'm pretty healthy for an old dude, I can do it for a short while. I'll probably do it longer than he recommends.
To make this interesting (to me, I don't care if I bore YOU), I'm going to post some of my low/no carb recipes. I'll also post my weight loss numbers on my sidebar so that you can call me a loser if I give up next week and gain it all back.
Ok, the pressure's on.

Fried Pork Tenderloin
This is a great dish and cheap and easy to prepare. Pork tenderloin is $2.99/lb at my grocery store.

Cut a 1" slice from a pork tenderloin. Pound it with a meat hammer (tenderizer) until it's really, really thin. Yea, it'll get really big around too, at least doubled in size. HEY! Don't beat the hell out of it or it will break apart. Pound gently and patiently, it'll flatten out over time.
Get a frying pan good and hot with some good oil covering the bottom. I like to use bacon grease or a mixture of butter and olive oil.
Coat the tenderloin with lots of salt and pepper and any other spice you like. I like mine to taste like sausage.
Now drop it on the frying pan with the coated side up. Fry until it's got a nice crispy (carmelized) coat and flip and do the same on the spice side. It should take but a couple minutes on each side.
Mmmmm mmmmm good. You'll think you're from Iowa when you bite into that little piece of ZERO carb hog heaven.


rainywalker said...

I stopped using the bacon fat [loved it]only because of my triglycerides. My family has the gene that makes it stay high all the time.
I will look forward to your recipes, they will help us all.

crystal dawn said...

I don't know what would be harder, cutting the carbs, or the meat. I would have a hard time not including a nice pile of rice with these tenderloins.