Saturday, January 17, 2009

Slacking, buffets and getting back on the wagon

It was an ugly day. A spectacle of culinary debauchery if there ever was one.
After 10 days of nothing but protein and fat and none of the carbs that give me that warm feeling and that rush of human energy and motivation I decided it wouldn't be so bad to head down to the capital city and enjoy lunch with my wife and daughter at one of the best Indian buffets you'll ever taste. It was time to indulge after going 10 days on such a diet and losing 10 lbs. It went well. Sure I got that bloated feeling from eating too much curry and masala dishes. The sag paneer was as good as ever so I sorta focused on it, it being low carb, of course. Not bad, just a little rice, no nana and I survived and figured it wouldn't take too much to get back on path.

Then it happened; our best friends suggested we join them for a "seafood buffet" that evening. OK, I can eat a bunch of low carb seafood. Not a problem. The problem was, there was little low carb seafood and lots of high carb "seafood" dishes. Then of course, the dessert portion of the buffet caught my eye and it contained some fairly nice looking chocolate items. . . by the time it was all over I felt like I couldn't eat "just one small thin wafer" or I'd explode.

No, 10 days of hard fought work is not in vain. I've been back on the wagon again today and will hit the proteins and fats hard for another 10 days. See you at 180.


MacDaddy said...

That seafood buffet is where it really started. On the other hand, take it from a drug counselor, everyone "relapses." The thing is to get back on your plan quickly and with even more determination to succeed.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I know Daddy. After 12 1/2 yrs without a relapse and now this!!!!
the horror.

rainywalker said...

Your starting to inspire me and I'm off the Mexican pastry now for over a week. Not even one! Keep on keeping on as we used to say in the 60's.
They are running out of things to say in Washington. I am now listening to the media telling us how a portable toilet works.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

HA! Yea, cable news gets really bad sometimes.
I'm trying to get off the politics. I could bitch about a lot of things, including the walk that MMB BtC is going to get from the dem congress, but I think it's time to sit back and watch the Obamarama Show. I just have a good feeling that O Man is going to hit the ground running and we're going to see a lot of good policy change in the first 100 days. We really need to support this guy with all our hearts for the first 100 days. . . unless he really, really fucks up.
Ah, Mexican pastries. When I'm in Mexico City I love going to the pantateria (sp?) and getting a metal pan and tongs and grabbing all sorts of delicious creamy and chocolate goodies then going to the Alameda and eating and sharing my box of goodness with the poor kids that hang around.