Wednesday, November 3, 2010

21st Century Crumbling Amurkkka

Wow, who would have guessed that two years later, the Amurkkkin voters would have given it back to the party of Bush the MoronMonkeyBoy? Not JUST the party that got us into the HUGE mess we have today, but a more extremist radical, rabid and ridiculously dumbed down version of the party that got us into the huge economic and social crisis we face today.
One has to wonder why the democrats weren't more vocal about how they have taken the proper and brave steps to get our economy on the road to recovery, but really, it is quite obvious and the voters should have been smart enough and well informed enough to know the facts. Alas, the extremist right wing counted on the fact that the proletariat are stupid in 21st Century Amurkkka and they could succeed on lies, exaggerations and other false claims. They could manipulate through fear and intimidation. Well, it that's all the voters of this country are worth, I guess they got what they deserve.
I give up. I'm too old to go nuts wondering why the electorate chose to remain ignorant to fact. I'm too old to contemplate when and why this country went from progressive to stupid. Yes, plain old simple stupid.
I think I'll spend my later years blissfully ignorant myself. Ignorant of the specifics of my country crumbling after only 234 years. I just don't want to watch anymore.


crystal dawn said...

It is depressing, isn't it?
The only sliver of hope I have is that the GOP will have to now accept some responsibility. But then that may be overshadowed by all the 'investigations' into Obama's birthplace which will surely bog the Congress down...and nothing will get done...except extending Bush tax cuts.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Hello Ms. Dawn. Nice to see you again.
It is a sad state of affairs.
The new guy from KY and the new guy from WV in the senate simply leave me dumbfounded.
At least I no longer live under the illusion that the United States Senate is a house of dignoty, statesmanship and some level of intellect, cuz let's face it, either one of them are the antithesis of such an illusion.