Monday, November 15, 2010

HughesNet SUCKS!

If I had any alternative whatsoever I'd dump this pile of shit in a NY minute. We have analog phone lines out here that always have static on the lines and WildBlue tells me there are no slot available in my area. Cable is years and years away from ever being brought out to this far corner of Appalachia.
HughesNet makes all sorts of claims in their advertisements. Then they offer you options as far as download and upload speeds. I was dumb enough to get the fast expensive plan. Here's the reality. . . It's only slightly faster than dial-up. This IS NOT HIGH SPEED INTERNET. It's fucking creepy crawling internet.

So when you see their ads for "fast high speed service" and making claims that us rural folks can also have high speed internet, it's ALL BULLSHIT because it's actually slow like dial-up even with the upgrade in speed.

HughesNet SUCKS.


Stimpson said...

So, you're saying HughesNet isn't good? Your point is a bit unclear to me.


SagaciousHillbilly said...

HughesNet SUCKS!
They over charge and under provide.

Rachel said...

You don't know me... but after 24 hours of "reduced" service from HughesNet because we went over our "Fair" Access Policy Threshold... I decide I would post on every possible website that I could to complain about their awful service. They price gauge those of us who live in rural America and I think it is criminal considering we really have no other alternative. We think they have intentionally slowed us down since our service plan contract ended a year ago because it suddenly became much slower. OF COURSE, their solution to this problem is to purchase ANOTHER $400 dish and sign another 3 year contract. Yeah right.