Saturday, November 13, 2010

A date to forget

Europe plans manned moon mission in 2018
Thu Nov 4, 12:25PM PT - AP
The European Space Agency hopes its lunar mission in 2018 will allow astronauts to explore the Moon's South Pole region, which is of particular interest because of its plentiful sunlight and potential…

Now there's a date that will get pushed forward.
Sure, we did it in 7, but it took a massive effort that I don't believe the Europeans have the resources to mount. I know, you're thinking "But Hillbilly, they have computers and CAD/CAM and all that these day which we didn't have in the 60s. We had to use slide rules, drawing and machinists to get to the Moon" Yea, yea, yea, it'll still take gargantuan gobs of money and tens of thousands of skilled workers to pull off and like I said, they just don't have those resources readily available. What are they going to do, shut down their aircraft production? RAISE TAXES?!?!

BTW: AP, When used to connote the planet like body that orbits the Earth, "Moon" is a proper noun. How about you treat it as such and quit looking like a bunch of Jr. Hi. essay writers.

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