Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sky pixies vs. modern medicine

So I know this guy who had a really bad heart attack recently. Like most heart attack victims, he almost checked out. Luckily, he was close to a really good hospital that did all the things that really good hospitals do to get a heart back up and pumping well. Also luckily, he didn't go into full cardiac arrest. % minutes farther from the hospital or doctors who waited 5 minutes longer and they'd have been pulling the sheet over his head. He was circling the drain fast.
So now, after taking all sorts of wonder drugs and five hours of intricate surgery performed by some of the most gifted medical providers on the planet, he is in a good state of recovery. Who knows how long it will last, but they seem to have opened up his veins and his heart is in fairly good shape.
After all this, all he seems able to do is thank his "god":for taking such good care of him. "I have only my lord and savior to thank for my recovery."

Excuse me bozo, but how about those doctors and the wonders of modern medicine? Twenty years ago you'd have been pushing up daisys and your family would be getting on with their lives without your sorry fat ass. Where was your "lord and savior" when my dad died of an aortic aneurism twenty years ago? Today they'd have whipped him into an operating room, wrapped a piece of cheese cloth around that sucker and he'd have been good to go for another 20. I guess your dear lord and savior didn't know about that kind of shit back then huh?

Why don't you get on your fucking knees next time you go to your doctor's office and thank the medical providers for what they did. How about spending five minutes thinking about the wonders of modern science that let them open up your sorry fat chest, manipulate the tiny veins that supply blood to your heart and get it all working again. Spend half a minute being grateful for modern pharmacology that was able to loosen up those clots and restore blood to your pitiful ungrateful heart muscle preventing radical damage of it's cardiac capability.

Then if you really must talk to your imaginary friend the sky pixie, why don't you ask him why the fuck you developed the heart disease in the first place. After all, if he's responsible for your recovery, who's responsible for your demise? If you think about it long enough, you will realize that you developed the heart disease because you were exactly the opposite of those medical providers who saved your worthless life. . . STUPID!
Yea, you gorged yourself on high carb and high fat shit for food while ignoring everything and everybody around you with any brains who were telling you on a daily basis to eat healthy. Now, it has cost $100k to fix your pitiful ass and will cost twicve as much to keep you alive before it's all over.
Oh, you'll probably go ahead and accept that little piece of knowledge that you're a dumb glutton, because after all, it's still easier to be stupid than anything else. And as for your recovery; probably no human power could convince you that it was modern medical science and not your sky pixie that saved your ignorant ass.

I guess that's the benefit of being stupid and/or ignorant. . . it's easy.


Herbert Weaver said...

Hey, whatever makes knuckledraggers feel OK about voting away their own healthcare. Maybe that's the plan... but doesn't that make God a socialist?

SagaciousHillbilly said...

That's the ultimate irony Herb. This guy is a tea bagger but all his procedures were done on the gov't dime.