Sunday, August 31, 2008

Can't quite get it together. . . .

Gustav is like a bunch of politicians we know: it just can't quite get it's shit together, but like a lot of right wing whack job politicians we know, that's a good thing.

See, a hurricane is like a water pump. The eye of the hurricane, specifically the eye wall sucks up warm air and water. The warm air and water goes up into the hurricane 40 or 50 thousand feet into the air and is expelled out the top. Like a vacumm cleaner with the exhaust pointed straight up. That water vapor becomes the wind and rain that blows around in a vortex around the outside of the eye wall. When a hurricane goes over land, it's like putting your hand over the tip of the vacuum cleaner. . . it's vortex and sucking action cease. That's what happened when Gustav passed across the island of Cuba, and like a sputtering engine, it hasn't gotten it's timing back and isn't doing a nice clean suck and expel like it was before it began to pass across the island. . . but rest assured, this bitch is going to get it together pretty soon and we'll see the eye develop and winds increase.. . certainly within the next few hours if it hasn't already. It has too much momentum and too much warm fuel to not proceed as predicted although, it's intensity may be diminished due to it late come back. There is also talk of some wind shear interaction before landfall, but the path has not been changed much, so I doubt it will have much effect. The other good thing is that it's moving pretty damn fast. It's not going to sit around in the Gulf picking up energy and intensity with little forward movement. There's not much up there slowing it down in the way of pressure ridges or fronts.

But Oh, those republicans must be dancing with joy. Bush the Chimp has canceled his appearance at the convention. Had they not scheduled him, it would have looked really bad and apparent, but with a no-show on account of a national disaster, they're off the hook and don't have to sully their love fest/fiasco with MoronMOnkeyBoy's presence.
yaaaaawn, who cares what these imbeciles do?

Look for a large (30-40mi.) well defined eye to form sometime in the next hour or two.
Once this bitch starts cooking, it's going to get bad fast. The conservative NHC guys say it's probably going to continue to sputter. I hope I'm wrong and they're right, which is probably the case.
Once again, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration's National Hurricane Center does a more accurate job of predicting the outcome of a hurricane than the Hillbilly Atmospheric Reconnaissance Report (HARR!, for short).
We gotta either hone our skills or start ripping everything NOAA puts out.

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