Sunday, August 31, 2008

Self important assholes trying to be PC

If Gustav hits New ORleans and takes out the city (which aint gonna happen), what difference will it make whether the republican covention is happening or not? None.
In fact, bring MoronMonkeyBoy up to Minneapolis. It won't make a damn bit of difference.
But really, the republican party and ticket is simply imploding or vaporizing or something. They've got a neanderthalic VP candidate who doesn't believe in evolution and wants to teach creationism in the public classroom. Brilliant huh? At a time when we need leadership in education the republos give us a backwoods moron who wants to teach mythology in the science classroom. At a time when womens rights are at the forefront of most women's minds, the republos give us a VP candidate who believes that abortion should be totally illegal. At a time, when the republicans tell us our national security is very vulnerable to foreign attack and terrorism is such a threat that our constitutional rights to privacy should be compromised, they give us a candidate who's only experience is mayor of a small town and one year as governor of the most isolated backwoods state in the union. That kinda makes ya say "WTF?"

A 72 yr old cancer survivor is the candidate and they give us a housewife with a "communications" degree to sit one heartbeat away from the presidency. Now, I don't want to insult all my friends who have "communications" degrees, but it seems to me that such a degree is often attained by those who aren't sure what they want to do. Kinda like a sociology degree to many. Granted, some, like my son are real sociologists or really want to major in "comunications" or sociology, but, come on. . . we're talking someone who got a communications degree and then proceeded to obtain her Mrs. degree and pump out children for almost 20 yrs.

Thanks Puffy, you'll find that the Obama administration will not squander away the opportunity you have given them to improve the lives of Americans. They will take the responsibilities of the presidency serious just like they took their choice for VP.

Can't wait for the debates. . . Joe Biden, a 35 yr. veteran of the senate against an Alaskan housewife. . . ought to be innerestin.


rainywalker said...

Maybe McCain will send her to Iraq, I hear she's a good shot!

Anonymous said...

Not only creationism but dominionism, the rapture, crazy todd beckley putting the boots to stage 4 cancer patients in his revival tent. Heeee-doggies as J. Klampette usedta say. And howzabout that grandbaby she's pretending is hers, who ever heard of a kid being outta school for 5 months because of mono ? They must think after the past 8 yrs. that we ARE that stupid.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Yeah, I look forward to hearing more from Joe Biden too.

Lou @ said...

Too bad there are no politicians that should be running any part of the government. Just because some of them lie to your face doesn't make them any better. All politicians make horrible humans.