Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh my. . .

I heard a bunch of stupid talking heads speculating on how Obama could possibly top the procession of speakers who spoke the past couple days at the DNC.

Right there, what we just heard. . . THAT is how! Barack just delivered a speech that was almost supernatural in it's perfection. Not a single flaw. I have never heard a political speech even close. Not since Kennedy has anyone come close.
I am astounded. I am inspired.

Thank you Barack Obama.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. It was comical to hear Stepanopoulous and Gibson scrambling to be meaningful after Barack ripped it out of the park. They sounded silly and amateurish. He sounded like our next great President. What's Good McCain ?

MacDaddy said...

The best speech I've ever heard. The only ones that come close are Dr. King's anti-war speech and Malcolm X's "Message to the grassroots."

It was a speech with wit, substance and urgency. Why, even sorry white boy Pat Buchanon couldn't stop gushing about his speech. Now, that's change I never would have believed in.