Thursday, August 28, 2008

Reality. . .

OK, let's get things a little straight here. In my last post I DID NOT intend to insinuate or imply that all is well in Amurkkka in the area of race relations. Anyone who knows me knows that I would never believe of try to sell that sick dog.

For a black male in the inner city, there is little opportunity or hope. His most likely path is crime and prison. Not much different for a female.
White people, who control most of the purse strings and are the dominant culture still don't receive integration with open arms and open mind. One black person is ok but too many still make them very nervous. . . this alone gives one great insight into the fact that we still have huge problems to overcome. A black person in a white world still has to out perform and out charm his coworkers or risk being degraded in many ways.

So what happened last night when the democratic party nominated Barack Obama, an African-American man, to be their presidential candidate? What happened when those thousands of delegates went absolutely nuts when their hero of the hour showed up unannounced. Why were there so many people crying for joy when the process concluded with the unanimous selection of Obama?
We rejoiced because despite all the racial horrors that have occurred and still do occur in this country we elected a black man to be our nominee. We rejoiced because it is a milestone. It is a historic event and hopefully marks a turning point for American society and culture. We also rejoiced because we saw the distance we have come.
We rejoiced because we remember and we want everyone to remember. Remember the past, remember what happened last night and we want to ALWAYS be able to look ahead to a better and more compassionate tomorrow.
Last night we saw a better future in oh so many ways and we rejoiced with hope in our hearts.


MacDaddy said...

Well said.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

And I can't wait until he speaks tonight! Yay!