Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thank you John McCain

Puffy McBush has done the democratic party a great favor. He has essentially given up, but decided he'd grab a little piece of history for himself as the first republican ticket to include someone other than a white man.
Yes, I really think they have given up. Why else would they chose an extremist right wing fundamentalist who has almost no experience whatsoever in public service to be their VP choice. Makes no sense.
McCain needed to pick an experienced solid VP ready to take over the oval office should he expire. . . the man is 72 yrs old. He needed to appeal to the progressive faction of the right wing and the less progressive faction of the left if he was going to take votes from the dems. But nope, he chose to . . . fuck, I don't know what the hell he chose to do. It makes no sense. This is a woman with four young kids and a newborn baby. What are the far right family values folks going to think of her running for office at such a critical family time in her life? Contrast the family values of the republican ticket with those of the dems. Now, don't get me wrong, I aint no family values whack job, but there are millions in this country who are. They might just look at the beauty of the Obama and Biden families and think again.
It is going to be fascinating to watch as the republican ticket vaporizes. . . Let's get real, Joe Biden against a complete newbie in a debate?! And how about Puffy's claim that our man Barack is not qualified to be president? HA! So your Alaskan uber-fundamentalist housewife is?! Wow, it's almost too good to be true for a political junkie like me. I get to watch my party stomp the republicans in a presidential race and at the same time get the thrill of one of the most entertaining contests of the last . . . well hell, what other presidential race could possibly compare?
Sit back, enjoy the show.
But don't get complacent! We need to get out the vote. We need to knock on doors, register MORE voters and make this thing happen big-time.

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MacDaddy said...

Had McCain been thinking strategically, he would have chosen Romney to shore up his biggest weakness, the economy. Then he could have used Romney to at least pretend they were going to do something about the middle class' steady descend into the lower classes. But thinking personally (about how much he hates Romney, and believing all that hype about Hillary supporters on the fence, he chooses Palin to take some of Hilary's supporters. Sagacious, I don't know much about women, but I know democratic women voters aren't that dumb...

I know people have to remain vigilant, but, truthfully, I think McCain just handed Obama the election.

By the way, a lot of Republicans aren't even coming to the twin cities for the convention this time. That's what they think of McCain.