Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Microbes, oil spill disasters and getting BP off the hook.

New microbe discovered eating oil spill in Gulf

By RANDOLPH E. SCHMID, AP Science Writer Randolph E. Schmid, Ap Science Writer – 1 hr 2 mins ago

WASHINGTON – The Gulf of Mexico oil spill has revealed a previously unknown type of oil-eating bacteria, which is suddenly flourishing.

Scientists discovered the new microbe while studying the underwater dispersion of millions of gallons of oil spilled into the Gulf following the explosion of BP's Deepwater Horizon drilling rig.

And the microbe works without significantly depleting oxygen in the water, researchers led by Terry Hazen at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory reported Tuesday in the online journal Science Express.

"Our findings, which provide the first data ever on microbial activity from a deepwater dispersed oil plume, suggest" a great potential for bacteria to help dispose of oil plumes in the deep-sea, Hazen said in a statement.

Environmentalists have raised concerns about the giant oil spill and the underwater plume of dispersed oil, particularly its potential effects on sea life. A report just last week described a 22-mile long underwater mist of tiny oil droplets.

Argh! These fuckturds keep coming up with bullshit to make you think it's all ok in the Gulf of Mexico and the BP holocaust is not all that bad and wonder of wonders, natures is doing for us what we couldn't do for ourselves! WOW!
As every biologist who has even sniffed at a bacteriology text book knows, there's a microbe somewhere that will absorb and digest just about any substance under just about any natural condition on this Earth including crude oil in the deep once blue sea.
New species are being discovered every day on this Earth. Hell, we don't know about a majority of the insects on planet Earth, let alone the gajillions of bacteria species.
So the "discovery" of a new bacteria that happens to be absorbing a little crude oil in the Gulf is no surprise to me.
The BP oil spill is still a holocaust for the Gulf of Mexico. BP is still responsible for the deaths of their workers, the thousands of lives interrupted and ruined on the Gulf coast and the thousands of square miles of Gulf of Mexico territory devastated by this man made disaster that, with proper operations could have been avoided.
Like most modern industrial disasters, this one could have been avoided if their plant had been legally operated according to rules and regulations imposed by the gov't and their own standard operating procedures.
Again I ask, why are the executives of BP and those responsible for the proper operation of their rigs not in jail? Why do they walk free collecting their huge corporate salaries while others are dead, thousands are ruined and the Gulf of Mexico is devastated?
Why? Because the gov't, which is acting like a whore for BP is sending out bullshit news articles like this and the sleeping proles will let it lull them back into their safe quiet sleep. Maybe they'll wake up when a holocaust occurs on their own backyard. . . but don't count on it.

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puddy said...

when do they start telling us that the gulf is actually in better condition than before the spill?