Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Morons on the Mall Rally

So who are these morons who come from "all over the country" by the "tens of thousands" to hear some penis headed Baby Huey looking hate filled cry baby spew ugliness and divisive rhetoric?
I suspect they are mostly the teabagger bunch. Here are some snap shots of teabaggers taken at teabagger functions:

And just in case you get the wrong idea about these fine upstanding morally righteous citizens who traveled all the way to Washington DC to hear a talking penis, here's a picture taken at the very same rally:

Nice, huh? Don't worry, like most radically extreme fundamentalist movements, it will soon dissolve and the 24%ers will move on to some other form of racist, hate mongering.


puddy said...

what a colossal waste of time yesterday was... several thousand white people staring at twenty african americans on a stage... wow, the teaparty really is diverse, isn't it?

SagaciousHillbilly said...

yea pud, it's a waste of time covering it, but the MSM seems intent on giving this prick his time in the sun.