Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tea Party Lies

I keep getting these messages from and other right wing extremist groups.

I tap into these radical subversive groups to know what kind of ridiculous false propaganda they are spreading and for the entertainment value. Although, when I see people subverting the democratic process and trying to destroy our constitutional republic, it's not very entertaining.

Obama's Homeland Security To Grant Amnesty For Illegals

Homeland Security Amnesty Memo Subject: Administrative Alternatives to Comprehensive Immigration Reform

ALERT: According to a well placed Homeland Security Administrator (who obviously prefers to remain anonymous), "The plan is to incrementally remove all obstacles for immigration reform without a public debate."; For Obama the confidential source said, "Amnesty is a 100% done deal already."

They keep citing a "well places Homeland Security Administrator." Just that ought to give people cause to step back and say "wait a minute, the only source you're quoting is some anonymous guy inside homeland security? A TSA cop wannabe working the Deluth, MN airport x-ray machine? Perhaps a friend of a friend of a friend who works for Maybe an anonymous e-mailer?
WTF? I've been getting these for weeks now and it hasn't elevated beyond a "well placed" source.

Why oh why do the ignorant proles have to be so fucking dumb that they take this lying bullshit for real?

How about this one:


It comes in a very official looking package with American flag and pictures.
Of course, for any citizen with any intellect at all, the first question to ask is "what the fuck is a "citizen grand jury?!"
The answer is: There is no such thing as a "citizen's grand jury" in our gov't.

But how many of the ignorant tea party proles will walk around mouthing "a grand jury is going to indict Kagen."

America, we once held the hope and promise of the world. It looked like we might become that beacon of justice and freedom that others dreamed about.
Too bad, because no nation can survive and be free when they are willing to be duped and controlled by lies and false propaganda that has no purpose but to serve the greed of the very rich and powerful.

Keep swallowing proles as you destroy the very nation that you claim to believe in. You can't have freedom and justice and be dumb-shit ignorant.

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