Thursday, August 5, 2010

Myanmar goes eco!

Bravo to the Military Regime of Burma (Myanmar). This not only saves a large species, it saves and protects all the species in an entire ecosystem. This is a great thing that Myanmar has done and should be recognized and praised by all nations.

Myanmar triples size of northern tiger reserve

Thu Aug 5, 1:39 am ET

BANGKOK – Myanmar has tripled the size of the world's largest tiger reserve in an effort to save the endangered species, which now numbers less than 3,000 in the wild, a conservation group said in a statement seen Thursday.

The entire Hukaung Valley — a remote area of northern Myanmar about half the size of Switzerland — is now a protected tiger area, the government announced Tuesday.

"Myanmar now offers one of the best hopes for saving tigers in Southeast Asia," said Colin Poole of the U.S.-based Wildlife Conservation Society. "The newly expanded protected area in the Hukaung Valley will be a cornerstone of tiger conservation throughout this iconic big cat's range."

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