Friday, August 20, 2010

Rush Limbaugh and his hot young blond wife.

So Rush Limbaugh (you remember him: the guy who was busted for doctor shopping for prescription drugs and spent time in court ordered rehab while telling his listeners that illegal drug dealers ought to be executed and was also busted for having prescription Viagra on a plane coming in from the Bahamas that WAS NOY prescribed to him), yes that Rush Limbaigh has just married this really hot young blond woman.
Rush Limbaugh is an old, bald, deaf, fat guy who looks like Baby Huey. Why do you think the hot young blond woman married him? Is this an example of right wing extremist moral conduct?
These right wing extremists seem to be a morally shallow bunch according to recent news items.

Oh, and as for Elton John who attended and performed at "the wedding," fuck you, you British wanker asshole. I'm done with your music.

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