Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Right wing republican leadership

Amid John Boehner blast at Obama, hints of how GOP would rule

By Gail Russell Chaddock – Tue Aug 24, 4:31 pm ET
Washington – House Republican leader John Boehner Tuesday called on President Obama to extend the Bush tax cuts, fire his economic team, and listen to the fears and “entrenched uncertainty” that is stalling job growth on Main Street.
In his first economic address of the 2010 campaign season, the man who would be Speaker slammed the president’s top legislative accomplishments – economic stimulus, health-care reform, and financial regulation – as job killers.

Ok, so this orange faced bozo is supposed to be the up and coming republican leader. This is the guy who's going to be running the GOP when they take over congress and lick Obama out. So when they hype up the fact that he is going to give a major economic policy speech for the GOP establishment, you expect him to lay out what the GOP would do about the economic crisis that they created during the Chimp years.
I'd welcome some good ideas from the right. I'd like to hear some conservative strategy for the continued revival of the national economy. Trouble is, they apparently don't have any. The best Boehner could do was to recommend that Obama fired all his economic guys and start over. WTF?!
It looks like the mainstream republican party is just as clueless as the radical extremist wing. In fact, it's kinda difficult to tell where the radical extremist teabagger wing stops and the mainstream begins. Both are devoid of constructive ideas and both fill their rhetoric with shallow minded hateful rhetoric.
Are the American people in general falling for this extremism? Will they really buy into this destructive, devisive, bigoted hate talk that is totally lacking in substance.
I hope not.

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