Thursday, September 13, 2007

America's sad story

According to the latest polls, 1 of 3 Americans approve of thee job the Moron Monkey Boy (Bush the Chimp) is doing. 1 of 4 approve of the job the members of congress as a group are doing. This can only lead a sagacious one like this hillbilly to respond with WTF?!

This means that 33% percent, or somewhere around 100 million Americans think this ignorant American traitor is doing doing a good job. Another 75 million think the lilly livered bought and sold congress is doing ok.
Can this be anything but a huge indication that this country is simply too stupid to exist for much longer? How long will it be before the majority of the continent of North America becomes an even more gigantic problem for the world than it is today? How long will it be before the Europeans and the Asians are saddled with the task of figuring out what to do with a nation of poor ignorant proles with a zero economy and absolutely no direction whatsoever starving and living in squalor.

Come on, let's get serious. No presidential administration has ever performed so contrary to the best interests of the people of this country. They fuck up on top of fuck up. Then they admit absolutely no wrong. For the past six years, this administration has been fucking up a war that should never have happened. It was started based upon a pack of obvious lies yet the American people bent over and said "stick it in." Once again tonight, the moron president, who in fact is nothing but a puppet of much more powerful people, will go before the American public and ask that they be given more time to fix the problems they have created in Iraq. Again, the congress and the American people will sit there on their knees and take it in the face. What a pitiful bunch of idiots the American public has become. I doubt that anything could save this tribe of buffoons at this point. When people get to the point where they question nothing and wish only to be saved from fabricated threats by the very people who created the threats, there is no hope.

For the past seven years NOTHING has been done about working on our country. The ignorant proles have been buying into this terrorist fantasy like a bunch of 3 years old listeningto their big brother in the dark talking about closet monsters. We have a crisis in healthcare in both the administration of medical services and the health of our citizens, we still have children who are hungry with no opportunity for education or advancement living in abject poverty, our national debt is so absolutely absurd that it's impossible to comprehend, our food supply is teetering on the verge of crisis our dependence on foreign oil is sucking our economy dry while filling the pockets of the corporate royalists. . . we are a mess. But 100 million Americans think it's all ok. We are in line to get exactly what we deserve.

Every farmer knows that you've got to put back exactly what you take. It doesn't work any other way.

So when will America's eulogy be given? 15 years from now, 20, 30, 40 years? I don't know how long we can coast on the greatness that was once the United States of America. It surely won't last very long at the rate these piece of shit whore politicians and their puppet master are expending what little fuel we have left.
History will probably find it hard to believe that a nation could have risen and fallen so quickly and so definitively while accomplishing and then losing so much and missing such a gigantic opportunity for humanity.

So much for capitalism. It wasn't much more successful than communism.


taylor_the_teacher said...

"This means that 33% percent, or somewhere around 100 million Americans think this ignorant American traitor is doing doing a good job."

~ I think most of those live in my state, Biblebeltia

"Can this be anything but a huge indication that this country is simply too stupid to exist for much longer?"

I would say LOL to this, but it's way too true.


Sag1 said...

This hysterical ranting does the term "sagacious" a serious disservice. I'm not saying you're wrong that Bush is a poor president, or even that you're wrong that much of America is ill-informed. But predicting the imminent demise of the US is inane left-wing hysteria.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Inane? When ignorance enables a corporate royalty full of greed and fascism, just how long do you think a nation can survive?

I know, Mom, apple pie, sweet smelling babies and mid western values make it hard to see the reality that is much of this country. Hell, from my pearch here in rural paradise it would be easy for me to sit back and say, "Wow, what a great country. This will last forever!"
Ignorance is bliss.
Sagaciously yours,