Monday, September 10, 2007

Troop withdrawl and other lies

"Petraeus talks of troop withdrawal"

That's the headlines, here are the facts. General "Betray us" Petraeus was speaking only of 30,000 troops between now and next year. That's only 18.5% of the troops currently in Iraq in the next year. At that rate, we'll be there for the next six years.


That's not talking of "troop withdrawl," that's talking about maintaining the same level as before the "surge" (escalation) until way past next year. And that's all he's talking about. . . pulling back the "surge" (escalation) troops over the next 11 month period. He only said that maybe more could follow.

Here's a good line from his testimony when he was questioned about where his loyalties lie:

"I wrote this testimony myself. It has not been cleared by nor shared with anyone in the Pentagon, the White House or the Congress."

I suppose technically that could be correct. Are we to believe that after days and weeks and months of meetings and head banging with Moron Monkey Boy (Bush the Chimp) and his monkey handlers that you have reached these conclusions entirely on your own and they do not reflect the political agenda of the corpo-fascist regime? Lying piece of shit.

Oh and here's a gem. Ambassador "Crock of Shit" Crocker said that the "troop buildup" (escalation) prevented a "debacle."


Is that like when you're fucking some whore and just as you're getting off she stabs you twelve times and then shoots you through the chest but then, as they're hauling you away on a stretcher to die on some emergency room table, you remove the condom you were wearing and say "what a success, I prevented contracting an STD!"

The really sad numbers are that in a recent poll 36% of Americans believe that the "surge" (escalation) has helped stabilize Iraq. Yes, more than one of three American proles are on their knees taking it in the face from these corpo-fascist traitors. . . the gumping of America is working.

So if you're General "Betray us" Petraeus or Ambassador "Crock of Shit" Crocker, how do you face your kids? What do you say to them on the eve of delivering those words to congress and the entire American people knowing that your lies and misdeeds are going to shape policy that is going to see the further corruption of our system and very possibly the eventual downfall of our country? What do you say? Perhaps it's not a problem, because when you are such a lying deceitful low life piece of shit, you naturally raise lying deceitful low life pieces of shit. So I guess you just tell the kids what you're doing and they say "good work dad. Can't wait to spend the millions those lies are going to get us."

Hell, what are he majority of the over 500 house members and senators going to say when they vote for further funding of this Iraq atrocity? "I had no choice?" Yes you did you scum sucking corpo-fascist lackey. Yes you did.

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