Monday, September 24, 2007

A lasting legacy

Bush says Clinton will be Dem nominee
By TERENCE HUNT, AP White House Correspondent
WASHINGTON - President Bush, breaking his rule not to talk about presidential politics, says he believes Hillary Rodham Clinton will defeat Barack Obama in the Democratic presidential primaries. Bush also predicts that Clinton will be defeated in the general election by the Republican nominee.

What the fuck and why the fuck does anyone care what Moron MOnkey Boy has to say about the democratic primary races? It makes absolutely NO difference what this piece of shit buffoon thinks. . . about this or anything else. I wish the press would at least give a nod to the fact that this little brain damaged dry drunk village idiot has no bearing on what goes on behind the doors of the White House.
After Nixon left the White House we got the inside scoop on midnight wailing prayer vigils and the rest of his insanity. Post Reagan we learned that Reagan the Traitor was pretty much out of it with alzheimers through much of his second term. Can you imagine the absurdities that are going to be revealed when Moron Monkey Boy leaves office? Of course Daddy Bush has had his presidential files sealed as has ChimpBoy had his files as governor sealed, so it might be a little more difficult for this stuff to come out, but we'll wait. Some former advisor will sprout a conscience between now and the next decade and we'll be able to read some 175 page work of literary brilliance tell all that'll get him right with god and a million dollars of two.
What kind of crazy assed absurd bullshit will we be viewing in 2018?

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