Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Senator Robert C. Byrd

Senator Byrd calls for an end to funding the war in Iraq.

I've had a love-hate relationship with my state's senior senator for over 35 yrs now. Let's face it, Bob Byrd hasn't always been the most enlightened politician in America. He once belonged to the KKK and he filibustered against the Civil Rights Act back in . . . uh, . . . I think 1966. . . please correct me if I'm wrong.

Since the Corpo-fascist Moron Monkey Boy administration took over America and began shredding the Constitution of the United States, invaded the Mid East and pillaged the national treasury, I have grown to respect and truly admire the statesman and man Senator Byrd has become. He has been a lone voice at times railing against this war from the start and defending the Constitution of the United State at every turn. How sad that other senators haven't felt the urgency to defend and protect our country from within the walls of congress.
We elected a senate and house with a democrat majority. Nothing seems to have changed. Time for other options.


Leota2 said...

Love your blog Sagacious.

Sad isn't it? I wake up feeling that I was pretty sure I voted for these Democrats, but I'm having problems getting past the cowardice and reactionary neocon turn some them have taken.

Democrats vilifying MoveOn while men and women are dying in the desert, Habeous Corpus still dead,
children's health care ignored, Katrina still a tragedy, the economy in the toilet--crazed W destroying our nation and decent syntax . . .

And of course, with race relations at an all time low--doesn't it boggle the mind that one of the most vocal proponents of de-funding this insane war and trying to protect the constitution is an old ex-hood wearer.

Whew! My fro is curling . . .

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Thank you for the compliment leota. I hope you will return and comment more.

Yes, it is ironic that Byrd has become one of the real voices of reason and the only true elder statesman we have in the congress right now.

Everything seemed like to was moving along so nicely in the 90s.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Oh, and Ms. Leota, Senator Byrd swears he didn't understand the nature of the KKK when he became a member. . . my grandfather made the same declaration, except he was a strong supporter of civil rights in the 60s.

Leota2 said...

I felt the same way about the Girl Scouts, right
before I was asked to leave. . . .

SagaciousHillbilly said...

That's really horrible. Where were you when they asked you to leave the GSs? My daughter was a girl scout for years and had many good friends in the program that were black. It was certainly not GS policy around here to excludde anyone. . . at least, not in the 80s and 90s.
For the past 35+ years, whenever I have confronted a fellow white person talking racist trash (which is whenever I hear it) I implore them to think about how their racism effects innocent children. It still seems to fall on deaf ears most of the time, but I suspect some of them do walk away with the thought in their head and hopefully they consider the question.
I believe the most effective thing progressive white people can do is to not tolerate racist talk from other white people.
What do you think?

Leota2 said...

Not to worry Sagacious--I was not asked to leave because of racial issues. The Girl Scouts were actually very welcoming--even in the early 70s.
Let's just say I was a bit radical as a kid and tried to get a wonderful boy I knew into my troop.

(We were going for cooking badges and he could make amazing macaroni and cheese.) I was adamant, they were probably very patient with me
and said no, I took offense as any hardheaded kid would. We parted ways--with me being shown the door. I forgave them though and laugh about it now.