Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another great idea from the campaign trail!

Here's a good idea from that mental giant, Mitt Romney:

"I want our kids to know how to Google and Yahoo and everything else, so that when they do a report on George Washington, they don't have to go to the encyclopedia but they can go to Wikipedia and they can learn what's happening on an online basis as kids around the world are doing,"

This isn't something he off-handedly said five years ago. This is something he said yesterday to a group of Silicon Valley workers in prepared comments. GREAT IDEA MITT! Fuck those cumbersome encyclopedias, let the kids do their research on an often bogus and totally uncredited internet source. This is a source that anyone can use to add information to it's archives. If I want to get on their site and add information on "corpo-fascist republicans," I can. Then some 6th grader looking up "republican" might be able to reference my contribution on "corpo-fascist republicans."

Come on, we've had eight years of a Moron Monkey Boy for president, do we really need another one? Is there an intellectual in the house? . . . if we could only harness the collective intelligence of the flock of turkeys I've got down in the barnyard. . . yea, that's it. . . "Sagacious Turkeys for President." Really, why not? But then, if they won, a lot of people would have to go to the store for their Thanksgiving bird and wouldn't have the goodness of an organically raised, pasture fed giant white turkey.
Man, politics is so complex.

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