Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The surge is working, so is my shotgun.

Bush sees possible troop cuts in Iraq
AP - Mon Sep 3, 6:36 PM ET
AL-ASAD AIR BASE, Iraq - President Bush raised the possibility Monday of U.S. troop cuts in Iraq if security continues to improve,

Next he’s going to declare victory. . . or better yet, “Mission Accomplished!”

Civilian deaths in Iraq rise slightly in August, with more than 1,800 killed
Boston Herald - Sep 01 9:27 AM
BAGHDAD - A huge suicide attack in northern Iraq caused civilian deaths to rise slightly in August despite security gains elsewhere, making it the second deadliest month for Iraqis since the U.S. troop buildup started. . .


OK proles, listen up. Before you go buying into this bullshit of “troop cuts” and ‘improved security” in Iraq, THINK! “1,800 civilians killed” and that’s only according to US military figures. It’s hard to tell what the real numbers are.
Get real, the “troop surge” (it was called “escalation” during Viet Nam) is like your girlfriend’s father when you were a teenager standing outside your car parked in the driveway. While he’s there you won’t be sticking your tongue in her mouth or unsnapping any bra straps, but once he goes back in the house, there will be plenty of tongue action and nipples will be squeezed. Ok, ok, don’t like the 60s teenage wet dream analogy?

Last night, the deer only got a couple pumpkins out of my pumpkin patch. They’ve been averaging six or eight a night the past week or so. They break a hole in the things and eat out the insides. Then they kick them over the hill. So how did I make them cut back on their night time raids? Well, it was fairly straightforward. About every hour or so throughout the night I went outside with a shotgun loaded with really light bird shot in one hand and a one million candle power spotlight in the other hand. Every time there was a deer looking back at me in the spotlight, I let loose a blast of birdshot in its direction. By two o’clock AM there weren’t any deer hanging out in my pumpkin patch.
I wonder what will happen if tonight, then tomorrow night I don’t go outside and sting every deer that enters my pumpkin patch? I’ll bet that by Friday evening, there won’t be a pumpkin left in my pumpkin patch.
The deer live outside in my woods, my hay fields and in my pastures. They know every rock and every twig that’s going to snap when they walk from one spot to another. They know every hole and every patch of briers. They hear and see everything. Eventually, the pumpkin patch will belong to them. They WILL outlast me. I might harvest a few pumpkins and sell a truck load or so, but they’ll end up standing out there munching on whatever is left. The same goes for the corn in my garden and the hay in my fields. The deer will win when all is said and done.

Common sense: This country was founded upon it. I fear it will crumble from lack of it.

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