Tuesday, September 11, 2007

You call that fat?!?!


I didn't want to touch this one, but man, it pisses me off.

Let's get real. I'm a 54 year old man who prefers the company of women who are at least somewhat older than my oldest daughter, so Britney Spears does almost nothing for me. Her music, what miniscule amount I know of it, is contrary to most of what I love about music. That being said, I've got no alliegence to Ms. Spears and couldn't give two shits about whether she's in rehab, out of rehab, performing well or not performing well her bubble gum pop crap music, but when I saw a number of headlines and pictures on the net that talked about her being "fat" and her performance at the MTV awards being really bad, I had to look.
This might be a little too skinny:

You call that fat? WTF is the matter with these people? The woman in that picture is anything but fat. Oh, and after two kids? Gimme a break. I've dated a number of mothers and been married to two different women with two kids. Most of them have looked pretty damn good after having kids, especially my wife and ex-wife, but Ms. Spears looks amazing. Now, should she be wearing that skimpy black bikini while performing? Maybe not, but then again, why not? Maybe that's something the tabloid scum sucking press can comment on, but "fat?"

What kind of fucked-up image are we giving our wives and daughters when we call healthy looking women bordering on skinny like Ms. Spears "fat." The whole idea just gets me sick. what do we expect from our wives and daughters? That they be on continuous 1000 calorie per day diets? That they spend all their free time focusing on making their bodies look like adolescent boys? Those of you who believe Ms. Spears is "fat" or in any way denigrate her weight are simply ridiculous pin heads. I wonder what many of these promoters of bulimia look like?
It's hard to find a decent looking blond woman in a black bikini on the web, but this is about right:

Now, we do have some serious problems in this country with overweight fat assed slack jawed morons putting a huge burden on the healthcare system. I know a number of people with huge fat bellies who complain of diabetes and bad backs. Well guess what you fucking moron, it's probably because you're carrying around 100 pounds strapped to your belly. What the fuck do you expect?!?! It gets me sick when I pick up my youngest at her high school and I see herds of 200 pound adolescent children waddling down the sidewalk. What the hell are their parent's thinking. Isn't that grounds for child abuse?

But back to Ms. Britney Spears. How about a little support for someone who has been through some tough times. you'd be lucky to have a daughter who, by the time she was 24 yrs old was a multimillionaire, and had two children. On top of that, she has apparently fought addiction. How fucked up would you be if by the time you were 16 yrs old you were worth millions and had millions of people making huge demands upon your time and intellect. Fuck all you detractors who want to see her fail just because you are some pitiful little loser writing for some pitiful little tabloid news organization. Do some real wrting. . . like me. . . post all sorts of trash you know nothing about on a free blog buried deep in the backwoods of the internet instead of posting the crap you write out in the open where people actually read it.

HEY! How about those pictures? It only took me 10 minutes to figure it out. Blogspot makes this all too easy.
Stay tuned for lots of free images in the future. So let's take a poll, what kinds of pictures would you like to see? Barnyard animals? Hillsides? Fields and pastures? My fat belly? Barnyard animals?


soberchef said...

If you were to poll 100 women, 25 years of age, with 2 young children, especially in this state, maybe, MAYBE 10 of them would look like Britney Spears. I agree, cut the girl some slack.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

So waddaya think Chef? Britney or Woman#2?