Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jack booted thugs carrying out a fascist agenda

Botched raid terrorizes Minn. family
By GREGG AAMOT and STEVE KARNOWSKI, Associated Press Writers
MINNEAPOLIS - With her six kids and husband tucked into bed, Yee Moua was watching TV in her living room just after midnight when she heard voices — faint at first, then louder. Then came the sound of a window shattering.

Moua bolted upstairs, where her husband, Vang Khang, grabbed his shotgun from a closet, knelt and fired a warning shot through his doorway as he heard footsteps coming up the stairs. He let loose with two more blasts. Twenty-two bullets were fired back at him, by the family's count.

Then things suddenly became clear.

"It's the police! Police!" his sons yelled.

Khang, a Hmong immigrant with shaky command of English, set down his gun, raised his hands and was soon on the ground, an officer's boot on his neck.

The gunmen, it turned out, were members of a police SWAT team that had raided the wrong address because of bad information from an informant — a mistake that some critics say happens all too frequently around the country and gets innocent people killed.

"I have six kids, and only one mistake almost took my kids' life," said Moua, 29. "We will never forget this."

When cops become gestapo pieces of shit. . . the sad part of this is, that the only problem most people see is the case of mistaken identity. Oh gee, we meant ot break down the door of and terrorize someone else.

This is not civil behavior. This is nothing short of terrorist behavior. Yes, our police and the people who command them are nothing short of terrorists when they perpetrate bullshit like this.

So next time you thiink that realing in the police is protecting criminals, and that the Constitution of the United States doesn't really need to protect law biding citizens, think again. "Khang,. . . raised his hands and was soon on the ground, an officer's boot on his neck."


White Racist Destroyer said...

You are absolutely right about the cops. BUT, as I commented earlier: IT WON'T CHANGE NO MATTER WHO IS ELECTED, as long as the mainstream candidates are picked.

Vote Ron Paul, and if you don't think he's any good, say exactly why, just don't call him 'another Ross Perot'.

Ross Perot was a multi-millionaire with no political experience (like Bush).
Ron Paul has been a Texas congressman for YEARS and his voting record has been 100% pro- U.S. Constitution.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Ron Paul is a master of words and deception. He says things that are meant to tweek the passions of people who really don't think beyond their emotions.
His agenda is simplistic and undefined, but he certainly gets em riled up. He's sorta like good country preacher.

White Racist Destroyer said...


We whites ARE inherently evil and you kow that.

Need I remind you of what you said on your blog in the article titled "The Megan Williams Torture Case"?

You wrote "And yes, it is lucky for us white people that Blacks, Native Americans and some of the old school Asians in this country are not as aggressive and hateful as WE are."

Hate and agression are evil. And here you admit that WE whites possess more of it than anyone else.

Yes, it bothers you, and it bothers me too. We need to accept it and work towards giving power over to non-whites since they are more level headed and less haughty and power hungry than we whites are.
Once non-whites populate most of the world, we whites will truly be free. Free of our ability to hate and do harm.

After several generations of that kind of environment combined with interracial marriages/relations white will grow accustomed to not seeing themselves as superior and the world will finally know peace.